Phew! Can’t believe we’re actually at the end of 2020. When we say this, we’re thinking about how challenging and new this year has been for everyone.

Although 2020 has led businesses to pivot, fail or challenged them to an extent they didn’t know they can go, we are thankful for many things that have happened.

This was nothing like what we’ve experienced previously, and we thought that highlighting the key adventures we had is a way of reflection and understanding.

We learned how to slow down, how to do the best with what we had, and how to be close to those who matter: clients, partners, and focus on the well-being of our team.

Here are the key highlights for each month and what we learnt!


Back then we had no idea what was waiting for us in two months. We were very happy about launching WingRun. Flying on hoverboards while racing against 5 other players and sprinting on different tracks was the idea that led us to launch this sci-fi themed racer!


We had a very inspiring 2019, as we were constantly traveling to events and tradeshows with our VR Arena. Previously known as VR Quest Arena, we decided to rebrand the product. However, this was more than a simple name change, but more of a significant step, a choice based on our progress as a company that values how our audience has grown.

It was a necessary step, as Arkadia was no longer a solitary experience, it grew into an amazing and complex experience where people can enjoy the most unique experiences with their loved ones.


Spring came and we had our hands full. Our colleague attended FEC Success Institute at the beginning of March, where he talked about VR attractions, what to look for in a system, and how to manage it efficiently. We also attended the Amusement Expo in New Orleans! Phew, what a full month.

While working on new content for Arkadia, our team was installing 3 VR Arenas on two continents. 2 were installed in Australia, at Kingpin Crown and Timezone Surfer’s Paradise (TEEG), and one at Cajun Fast Track, in Louisiana USA.

It’s very important that our team remains intact as we continued to look for new employees that would fit the position we are looking for. By the way, we are still hiring!


As the pandemic started to hit the entire world, we sat back and thought on what kind of actions we can take to help and inspire the FEC community. We started writing articles, gathering up ideas on how an FEC can succeed during the COVID.

We understood what it meant to go through such an experience as we got hit pretty strong as well. That’s why we’ve learned how to embrace it and we started to spread a positive message across the FEC community. 


In May we were still not sure about what’s coming for us. We were still under lockdown and we couldn’t work as efficiently as we were used to. We had many meetings and started drawing a few projects that we could use as pivoting mechanisms. We started working on the new game and creating scenarios that would fit the best to our customers and their guests!


Still under lockdown, we celebrated 2 years of activity for our Arkadia VR Arena. It was not the best time for a birthday but it was a huge motivation factor for us. 

At the same time, the restrictions were lowering and soon we would be out of our homes and back in our office, but a brand new one! We moved our HQ to a new building, had a new set-up, ready for a bigger team with a bigger dream! 


In July our colleague, Stefan, started recording Wize Talks and we began spreading the message of community and the importance of helping each other in the attractions industry. Speaking and sharing know-how and valuable information with experts and veterans from our industry was our approach, dressed nicely in the form of a podcast.

At the same time, we kept focusing on our newly discovered directions while also having a premiere for us, a completely remote installation for FuninVR Oman, an amazing VR focused venue in the Middle East. 


August was a dreamy month. The restrictions got lowered a bit and we were planning for IAAPA, thinking at what kind of opportunities it might bring for us and the entire industry. No secret here, as we were drafting our ideas IAAPA got canceled and August was just another hot summer month. 


Part of our pivoting was to take on new projects, in different industries and in September we got back into one of our most loved areas, Museum Exhibition and we were awarded a unique project, to develop and install a few immersive experiences in the Calafat Museum of Art. 


In October we started our FEC 101 Campaign – With the help of industry leaders, we started to develop content on how to choose the best demographics for your facility, all about choosing the right attractions, and many more insights! 


In November we were featured in Suppliers Speak, an amazing initiative by AttractionPros, where suppliers from different areas in the Amusement Industry share their ways to stay connected, stay involved, and stay in business.

Moreover, we were so happy to finally announce 3 new Arkadia features – Customizable Game Time, 2 Games Played Simultaneously and a brand new game in development! These improvements are big game changers for Location-Based VR as they help operators and their customers make the most out of the VR experience and content.

This month we also have been an eventful one and we couldn’t be happier to have installed a 6 Player Arkadia VR Arena at TidoSweden, Stockholm! The center had its grand opening on the 25th of November and people are enjoying all the VR experiences with Arkadia. As they opted for a 6 Player Unit, their customers can enjoy a variety of experiences (both Player versus Player and Player versus Experience). We were so happy to see things are taking a positive turn for the Location-Based VR Industry! This accomplishment was proof there is a desire for people to come and have fun playing VR out of their homes


We took things further by launching a new division and working on a complex VR Training Platform. Very happy to be introducing biometrics, AI, and in-depth data study to the Virtual Reality Solution we’re currently working on!

At the end of the year, we wanted to see actual results on how Arkadia did for all of our customers. That’s why we released a 6-month Report for Arkadia’s success story with accurate data and positive results!