We are happy to announce 3 amazing improvements regarding our flagship product, Arkadia VR Arena!

These improvements are big game changers for Location-Based VR as they help operators and their customers make the most out of the VR experience and content.

Customizable Game Time

Arkadia VR Arena’s games are both family-friendly and extremely fun. We make our games very engaging and competitive, but also lighthearted and fun. That’s why everyone likes them: kids, teens, adults, even seniors.

Did you ever feel that VR games are either too long or too short for the throughput you have at your location? Our aim is to create a unique experience for every facility’s guests and decided that a 5 minute game time may not be suitable for every center out there!

We felt that limiting and imposing a certain time for Arkadia’s games was not fair to every Entertainment Venue out there, but not anymore! One of our recent updates is unique and completely designed for every operator’s needs. From now on it’s you the one who decides how long a game should be! 

How does it help you?

  • Have the freedom to completely adjust the timing based on your location’s requirements. You can either make it shorter than 5 minutes or longer (very suitable for private events where guests want to play for a longer time)
  • Maximize the customer experience in their location.
  • Make the most of the busy days at the center. 

2 Games Played Simultaneously

Sometimes when people are visiting an FEC they can come in smaller groups and if they decide to play VR, operators can lose business by keeping the VR Arena occupied only by half.

Let’s say you have the 6-Player Arkadia VR Arena in your center and you have a couple that wants to play one game and a group of 3 friends that want to play another one, you can now have them play at the same time! This means that people won’t have to wait in line and you are maximizing the revenue and increasing throughput!

How does it help you?

  • Not losing customers.
  • Not keeping your customers waiting.
  • Increase Throughput rate even more.
  • Maximize the 6 Player Value! 

New Game Announcement

We know how important new content is in order to keep your guests entertained and coming back for more. That’s why we are currently working on a new game that will be available to all operators at the beginning of next year.

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