We love experimenting with Virtual Reality. We had a couple of breakthroughs and decided to take things further by creating a new enterprise division that will handle the development of our VR Training platform together with our behavioral and data analysis modules.

But do not worry, for all Arkadia VR Arena supporters, we will continue to work on Arkadia VR and even design new attractions for the Location-Based entertainment sectorQ

As mentioned above, we have established a new research and development division which is working on a complex VR training platform that will serve both the private and public sectors.

The VR platform is being built around 3 major components: training process, behavioral analysis, in-depth data review.

The training module will allow organizations to build industry-specific scenarios to teach or test their personnel. We plan to release a multi-user system complete with several key features: real-time interactions and haptic abilities, a heightened sense of realism and immersion, remote deployment, and training capabilities.

The VR training system is the main component, yet it’s only the foundation upon which we will develop some truly innovative applications.

Our major focus falls on a key element: a behavioral analysis. By using advanced biometrics, real-time action recording, and machine learning, we aim to study the trainee’s behavior in order to improve the teaching process and deliver overall better results.

“Understanding human behavior during different stages of the training process and under various conditions will help companies have more efficient training sessions and better understand their employees’ conduct. Our research and work with biometrics and behavior analysis has several applications”

Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder at Inowize

We are also working on a complex data analysis module that will allow enterprises to collect information, get comparative reports by cross-analyzing data from multiple trainees or training sessions, and have overall better statistics. We are using AI and machine learning to better understand and corroborate the data gathered from its ongoing trials.

“Collecting data from training or testing sessions is extremely important, understanding that data and being able to use it efficiently, that’s imperative. There is a lot of information gathered during training: a user’s movements, interactions, timing, biometrics, and so. We want to take all that bulk data and turn it into relevant information for organizations.”

Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder at Inowize

Designed as a complete training solution, the VR platform will attend to the needs of several industries. Additionally, when it comes to complex set-ups and hazardous environments or procedures, the platform will provide an immersive but safe place for learning. The Virtual Reality training platform is in the development stage and is expected to be released in Q2 of next year.