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Arkadia VR Arena can constantly accommodate 6 guests, running at 100% capacity with our multi-game sessions feature! An extensive game library with experiences for all ages!

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What is Arkadia?

Arkadia VR Arena - See it in action!

What our clients say

A Memorable Experience For Every Guest, Each Time

What our clients say

A Memorable Experience For Every Guest, Each Time

Arkadia Virtual Reality is a magnet for fun! The wide selection of games means that there is something to entertain every age; crowd-pleasing games that are simple to play.

Ana Giron

Purchasing Manager at TEEG

Just testing and playing the games was incredible. You set this up faster than we ever anticipated

Mike Tiegs

General Manager at Andy's Altitude 1291

Our Arkadia VR Arena has been a fantastic addition to our FEC! It looks awesome and everyone that plays it loves the experience! From an owner's perspective, it's an affordable 6-player Arena with family-friendly graphics and adventures that keep everyone happy, from the online gamers to the moms that want a non-shooting game. Arkadia has something for everyone!

Keith Ferraro

Owner at The Fun Spot


The games

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Arkadia runs only exclusive content, propriety games, developed in-house. The games are high-quality, competitive and have a huge replay value.


5 minutes

Coop PvE

Sea Bandits

5 minutes

Competitive PvP


5 minutes

Competitive PvP


5 minutes

Competitive PvP


5 minutes

PvP Racing Game

WHAT IS Arkadia?

It's like nothing your guest ever experienced, and we have the reaction videos to prove it!

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Arkadia VR Arena New Installation

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Arkadia VR Arena Multi-Game Sessions

The following 1-year report for 2022 contains relevant data for the Location-Based Industry. Our analysis examines the average revenue and the number of players for each Arkadia VR Arena Unit currently in operation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements?

For the 6 Player Arena: 14.8 x 18.8 ft + 8.7 ft height / 4.5x5.75 m + 2.70 m height.

For the 4 Player Arena: 14.8 x 14.8 ft + 8.7 ft height / 4.5 x4.5 m + 2.70 m height.

Other than the space requirements Arkadia also needs a hardwired internet connection and 2 power outlets of 16A each. Very important, the installation site should be free of reflective surfaces like windows, mirrors, TV displays etc.

What kind of ROI can I get from Arkadia?

Arkadia can bring you ROI in 4 - 6 months, depending on the traffic that you have at your center.

How often do you release new games?

Our aim is to develop 2 to 3 new games every year. This depends a lot on each game, its complexity level, and its features.

How many operators does Arkadia need?

Arkadia is so easy to manage that it only requires one attendant. It also has a user-friendly interface and simple to operate control software.