6-Player Immersive Gaming Room

QBIX is a self-service attraction, that offers a great range of fun and multi-sensory games in a 13x13 ft space, with 5D effects like winds blasts and a motion floor.

Attendant Free Games

The Self-Serving Kiosk lets guests select and start their games with just a card swipe.

Immersive Games for Groups

The gameplay is casual and easy to learn! Up to 6 guests bond, compete and share a laugh together!

No Wearables Needed

No fluff, no heavy gear, and no breakable items! Guests are immersed without any add-ons!

Motion Floor & Wind Effects

A fully immersive experience for 6 people in just a 13x13 ft cube!


How does it work?

QBIX is the most compact unattended attraction (169 sq ft) with projection screens, motion floor, and wind effects. Great for a wide demographic, guests love the dynamic 5-minute games! Top locations earn $15K-$23K monthly, with QBIX ranked top 3 in their video game category.


Latest QBIX Report

QBIX vs Traditional Attractions

Explore the latest QBIX Report, packed with insights about how the Unattended 6-Player Immersive Gaming Room competes with traditional favorites like Laser Tag, Mini-Bowling, and Spin Zone Bumper Cars.

You’ll find information on ROI, revenue, space efficiency, and testimonials from operators. Spoiler: they say QBIX delivers “Disney Level Immersion” and profitability.

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What our clients say

A Memorable Experience For Every Guest, Each Time

Disney Level Immersive Experience

"Having 3 screens, a vibrating floor, and wind fans is truly a Disney Level Immersive experience."

Archie Wright

AR’s Entertainment Hub

Amazing Guest Experience

“It’s been a hit with our guests since it was installed! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance our guests’ experiences and QBIX is definitely delivering on that front.”

Tyson Whittle

Owner of Pillow’s Funtrakers

Perfect for Large Events

“Throughput is much faster (compared to other attractions), and it’s perfect for large events or birthday parties.”

Lonnie Pennington

Grand Adventure, Texas

"Wow, This Looks Amazing!”

“We wanted an attraction that was unattended and had incredible curb appeal. We saw QBIX and said ‘Wow, that looks Amazing!”

Arthur Loring

The Fun Factor, Canada

Ticks All The Boxes

“QBIX is the most compact, least expensive solution by far, and xoperators look for in this category.”

Bob Cooney

The VR Collective

Attendant Free and Fun Games!

“We see a lot of potential in QBIX! The fact that it doesn’t require an operator, it’s multiplayer and it features motion floor and wind blasts makes it a great success!” 

Vlad Alexandru

Owner of Hype Arena by Kiddo

The games

Thrilling, Engaging and Competitive Games! It's All Here with QBIX!

Play trailer

Astro Ryders

5 Minutes

Action & Puzzle

Play trailer


5 Minutes

Skill-Based Game

Play trailer

Fright Maze

5 Minutes

Scary Adventure

Play trailer

Chef Express

5 Minutes


Play trailer

Bubble Smasher

5 Minutes

Retro & Level-Based

What iS QBIX?

See What QBIX is All About!

Using state-of-the-art technology, such as Immersive Projections, Interactive Elements, and Full Body Tracking, the QBIX Portal offers a complete Immersive Experience for your guests!

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See What QBIX is All About!

Using Immersive Technology QBIX offers a complete a Fully Immersive Experience for your guests!

Pillow's Funtrackers

Ruidoso, New Mexico, US

The Fun Spot

Queensbury, New York, US

Grand Adventure

Weatherford, Texas, US

The Fun Factor Fun Centre

BC, Canada

Combat Ops

Fort Wayne, Indiana

AR's Entertainment Hub in

Texas City / La Marque, US

Coming Soon

All Star Lanes

London, United Kingdom

Hype by Kiddo

Bucharest, Romania

Coming Soon

Zone Bowling

Manukau, New Zealand


Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Operators Are Needed?

Zero! QBIX is completely operator-free! We understand staffing is a pretty big challenge and it’s hard to compensate the cost of an employee that’s stationed full time at an Attraction.

What is the Space required?

The space required is only 13/13 square ft, and it offers versatility with its placement. Make it a centerpiece, or place it by a wall. QBIX makes positioning a breeze, attracts eyes, saves space, and maximizes efficiency!

How Many Guests Can Play Simultaneously?

Up to 6 guests can enjoy the fun experiences at once! They just individually sign up at the self-serving kiosk and then begin the experience!

What Type Of Games Are Available With QBIX?

These are entire experiences, more than just a game! They are active, fun, and complex, inviting guests to socialize in story-based games, challenges, and puzzles. No game is the same which allows diversity for a wide demographic!