We are happy to be part of Suppliers Speak, an amazing initiative by AttractionPros, next to other suppliers from the amusement industry that gathered together to provide useful information.

Needless to say, in these times was hard to meet face to face and find direct information from trusted sources. That’s why AttractionPros asked professionals to share their message, and their ways to stay connected, stay involved, and stay in business.

Over 30 companies came together to share their message in a short video and through a presentation as genuine as possible. The discussed topics were how each supplier continued to serve their clients and the industry since the pandemic began, the shifts that were made in their business model as well as sharing a unique message that can help motivate the industry.

Highlights from Our Message

We kept in touch with our clients and reached out to plenty of people in the FEC industry, by being supportive and asking how are things working for them, what news is out there, how is their business doing, as there were a lot of things that were changing fast and dramatically.

Being empathic and sharing as much information was the best thing we decided to do.

We wanted to share valuable information and give the operators insights from the industry. This is how we started WizeTalks – a series of interviews featuring industry professionals, leaders, that have real experience behind, in different fields and that can share helpful info with everybody else. You can watch the series here on our Youtube

Make sure to download the e-book created by AttractionPros to find out more in terms of marketing, sales, VR, leadership, company culture, how to improve communication, and many more!