What’s New With QBIX? Why Owners & Guests Are Excited About This

QBIX is The Newest Unattended Game for up to 6-Players, that offers a wide range of fast-paced, social, interactive, and multi-sensory experiences for your guests, without taking up your space (13×13 ft), overwhelming your staff, or draining your finances.

QBIX Family Entertainment Center Attraction

In its first 6 months, the multiplayer game has made its way to 3 continents: USA, Europe, and Asia. The unattended gaming experience quickly gained popularity in all types of entertainment venues.

Now it’s coming with 3 game titles, automatic gates, and a brand-new design.

Check out these frequently asked questions and see how the latest QBIX upgrades will benefit your guest experience.


The next level of interactive and immersive games for your guests

Many people have asked us: So, if you don’t need VR headsets or other wearables, is QBIX really immersive?

While VR offers an exciting, immersive experience that is here to stay, QBIX provides high immersion, but with more social interaction.

Best of all, QBIX places no barriers between players: no VR headsets or other wearables. In short, with just a handheld controller, the immersive fun begins! Guests can interact face-to-face, making it easy to participate and bond. That is to say, they can high-five and see each other’s facial expressions, fully engaging with each other.

As we have said, QBIX gives guests the best of both worlds – social interaction and immersive gameplay.

In essence, it’s like stepping into a game where you are the main hero.

The 3D graphics are incredibly detailed, creating a realistic environment that draws you into the story. Sounds are expertly crafted to transport you to another world, and the controller haptics makes you feel like you are interacting with the virtual environment.

Imagine entering a game where the wind blows through your hair and the floor moves beneath your feet.

This is what QBIX 5D effects are all about. The experience is not only visual and auditory but also tactile, with special effects like wind blasts and a moving floor to mimic motion. These 5D effects create an even more realistic experience that puts guests in the middle of the action.

That’s what QBIX is like! It’s a game that feels like you’re really inside it.


Let your guests enter the portal of interactive fun, where games come to life in ways you never imagined!


Keep your guests coming back for more with QBIX's immersive games

After the release of the first QBIX game, everyone was curious about what was coming next and wondered: How many game titles will QBIX get?


QBIX now offers 3 immersive game titles, with 2 more to come by the end of the year.

QBIX at Amusement Expo

AstroRyders is a 6-minute galactic shooting and puzzle game.

Players will feel like a team of superheroes on a galactic expedition! In fact it’s the perfect family game. The action is fast enough to challenge adults, but it’s also easy to understand and catchy for kids.

Fright Maze is a heart-pounding, intense 6-minute escape adventure.

It’s a scary adventure that guests can escape if they work together to defeat all the creatures in the maze. This adventure is sure to bond groups of friends.

Pack-a-Boom challenges players to navigate, collect, and conquer in a 5-minute skill-based game.

A hit with nostalgic Bomb and Pack Man fans as well as a new generation of competitive gamers. Therefore it’s a lot of fun to play and makes you think fast.

What’s great about QBIX immersive games is that they appeal to a wide demographic. From families to thrill seekers to competitive gamers of all ages, QBIX has you covered.

Games are competitive and provide a way to improve and get better through practice. Thus, this encourages guests to come back and play over and over again. Each time they play, they get the same great experience.


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A seamless unattended gaming experience for your guests

Unattended gaming is the next big thing, so everyone was curious: How is QBIX fully unattended?

The latest version has many design enhancements. New eye-catching colors, a new dynamic attract mode, and, above all, new features that make it even easier to run on its own.

The unattended experience begins with the self-service kiosk. That is to say, guests can choose their game and pay by simply swiping their cards. Once payment is confirmed, guests enter the attraction, pick up their controllers, and the fun begins.

But that’s not all – QBIX has recently updated its design with automatic gates. The gates automatically open as soon as guests successfully complete the payment and teaming process. After entering, the doors lock to prevent other guests from interrupting the action. But don’t worry – there is a panic button that guests can press at any time to open the gates.

Once inside, players are boarded by the characters themselves. Therefore, with short, clear visual and audio instructions, characters guide guests through the game and ensure everyone knows what to do.

At the end of the game, guests simply return their controllers and the gates automatically open to allow them to exit.

Guests select the game, pay, and the fun begins! As easy as that!

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