QBIX Updates: The Unattended Multiplayer Game Now Features 3 Exciting Games & New Design

QBIX, the Newest Unattended Multiplayer Game, now features 3 fun and diverse games, an eye-catchy design, and automatic gates function making it a must-have addition for all types and sizes of entertainment centers.

QBIX Updates: Unattended Multiplayer Game Now Features 3 Exciting Games & New Design
QBIX Updates: Unattended Multiplayer Game Now Features 3 Exciting Games & New Design

The game’s popularity is soaring globally, with QBIX already making a successful entry into three continents – two locations in Europe, two in North America, and soon, another QBIX will be installed in a venue in Japan. The key QBIX features are:


QBIX is completely unattended!

Guests have a seamless way to join in without needing staff assistance.
Here’s what makes unattended flow work:

Self-Serving Kiosk

Guests can select their game and pay with a swipe of their card as they approach the self-service kiosk. After introducing the team players’ nicknames, they can enter the portal of fun.

New update! ⚡️ Automatic Doors

The gates automatically go up for each player as soon as the payment and team setting is successfully completed. Doors are locked during the game to prevent other guests from interrupting the action. However, there is a panic button that opens them at any time. At the end of the game, after guests have returned their controllers, the gates open to allow them to exit.

Onboarding by the attraction itself

Once inside QBIX, guests are onboarded by game characters with short and clear visual and audio instructions.


Guests experience immersion without VR headsets

QBIX fully immerses guests in its interactive games without the use of VR glasses, using immersive projection technology.
How does it work?

Only 3 interactive screens and 1 controller per player as hardware

QBIX offers guests an interactive and immersive experience without using any wearable or breakable equipment. They only need 1 handheld user-friendly and intuitive controller, and the fun starts! Using immersive projection technology, QBIX delivers incredibly realistic sound and visuals, transporting guests to another atmosphere and location.

High-quality 3D Graphics

After over a decade of creating immersive experiences, our team easily adapted 3D technologies to create stunning graphics for QBIX gameplay. We wanted the same quality of VR graphics without requiring VR glasses. As a result, the reactions and numbers show that QBIX’s 3D graphics do a good job. 😊

New update! ⚡️ Improved 5D Effects

QBIX offers an immersive gameplay experience enhanced by stunning 5D effects that give guests with a sense of realism and excitement. Once the game starts, guests will feel like they are truly part of the action thanks to the realistic haptic feedback that accompanies the gameplay.

QBIX’s motion floor simulates the sensation of movement, allowing guests to feel like they are truly inside a spaceship that is moving through space and experience the thrill of every twist and turn!

In addition, QBIX’s wind blasts provide an even greater sense of immersion. As guests encounter enemies they will feel the rush of wind as the creatures move past them, adding to the excitement and intensity of the experience.


QBIX delivers big fun in a compact design

Explore other worlds in a 13 x 13 ft setup! Up to 6 players can experience a wide variety of stories in the Portal of Interactive Fun.
What makes this possible?

New update! ⚡️ Wide Game Gallery

QBIX now features 3 new games that offer diverse gameplay experiences that are sure to keep players entertained. The games will challenge guests with different skill sets: from puzzle-solving to skill-based challenges and even a spooky adventure. A game session takes about 5 to 8 minutes. Group fun is at the core of the QBIX experience and the games are very easy to understand and anyone can play them – both accessible and inclusive, QBIX games allow guests of all ages and abilities to have fun.



Small Footprint

QBIX is a versatile 13×13 ft cube that can make it a centerpiece or be placed by a wall. Even though it’s a small attraction, it’s easy to draw attention to itself with its attraction mode and light show. That is to say, you can make QBIX the perfect attraction for parties or special events by adding sofas and tables in front of it.

New update! ⚡️ Eye-catchy Design

QBIX has undergone a significant design transformation to create an attraction that appeals to all demographics. Whether you are looking to attract families, teens, or adults, QBIX’s stunning appearance is sure to draw guests in and create a buzz around the attraction. QBIX’s eye-catching design not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also enhances the overall gaming experience for guests.

Attending the Amusement Expo?

Meet us and demo QBIX, the Newest Unattended Multiplayer Game at the upcoming Amusement Expo International on March 29-30!

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