The Location-Based Entertainment Industry has changed a lot during the past year, and so did the customers. The experiences your guests desire are now more complex and authentic because they are looking to establish a stronger connection with their peers that was unattainable for so long. They demand premium attractions, they crave a unique social experience they can’t try at home. That is why guest experience and how customers interact with your brand are key to the success of your business.

Only by accepting that things are not coming back to how they used to be, entertainment venues can elevate their guest experience. Understand that what you’re offering has to be transformational, compelling, and most importantly, unique. Family Entertainment Centers now have to build strong relationships with their guests. The best way to do so is by redefining their guest experience and turning their attention towards creating an infinite entertainment experience.

Enhance the Experience by Choosing the Right Attractions!

There are multiple ways you can redefine the guest experience. From digital adoption, such as easy online bookings and virtual queues, to focusing more on high-level hospitality. 

However, a key element of the guest experience is adding a variety of entertainment experiences that will bring your guests into your venue. Your Family Entertainment Center should uphold the new expectations of your guests, by giving them a well-curated place to come, disconnect and have fun with their friends and family.

The truth is that this year is all about deeper connections and shared moments. Using an attraction by yourself and playing alone will most likely reach the end in the next couple of years. We’re now seeing how the trend of social attractions and competitive socializing has become more and more popular around the world.

How Virtual Reality Impacts Guest Experience

Virtual Reality takes guests on an immersive journey because they are being magically transported to a different world, and instead of watching the stories play out, they live them. The uniqueness of the entire experience is what creates memorability and enhances the guest experience.

Simply put, when your guests play in a VR Arena, they are part of an experience that’s vivid, thrilling, and dynamic. With VR, you put people in a space and time that brings up a stronger emotion than any other attraction, making them perceive your entertainment venue as new and exciting. Virtual Reality Attractions strengthen the guest experience because you are getting notable emotional stimulation and response through the VR games, incomparable to what people can experience via at-home entertainment.

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The attractions are completely interactive and extend the guest experience to new levels because multiple people are part of the story. With VR you’ll have people inside the action, while others can observe and have fun watching them play. 

VR Enhances Social Connection

Another important element that makes VR a great addition to the attraction mix is the social factor. After almost a year of not being able to get outside in larger groups, people turned to entertainment alternatives that were accessible at home. From streaming platforms, online games to board games, these are options that have become more and more popular. The key for Entertainment Venues that want to take their guests off the couch and bring them into their facilities is to offer attractions that have a competitive and social factor and can be played between multiple guests. 

Nowadays, it is less about the games that are played and more about the shared experience. People are less likely to come to a facility and worry about the singular activities they can do. They will want a personalized, interactive end-to-end experience.

One Entertainment Venue that created a unitary concept and elevated its guest experience is TidoSwden, located in Stockholm.

“Tido is a concept that connects the latest technology with family-friendly entertainment for all ages. Every element has to be premium and bring customers back for more. That’s why we chose Arkadia VR Arena as our anchor attraction. It brings that social experience and uniqueness people are looking for.

— Sara Strömgren, CEO TidoSweden

Arkadia VR Arena combines the quality of the experience with the thrills of socializing to create an end-to-end seamless customer journey!

The 6 Player VR Arena is a customer-centered solution that fully immerses the guest customer in a new world through premium games and a high-energy atmosphere!

Arkadia 6-Player VR Arena

It is fair to say that the ship has sailed for the same old attractions and people will become more and more particular about how they want to spend their time and money. In a time and age where people are offered an unlimited amount of entertainment at their fingertips, it’s crucial to deliver something unique and high quality.

Want to learn more about the way Virtual Reality impacts Guest Experience? Discover Arkadia 6 Player VR Arena!

*This article was featured in Interfun Expo Guide for UK Operators 2021