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Be the first in your area to add a 6-Player VR Arena to your center!

Have 6 guests play at the same time and get a higher throughput for a 5-minute game than any other VR system on the market!
Why choose Arkadia?
+50% more revenue
Per square foot, compared to any 4-Player Units

As you welcome more players, you’ll have 50 % more income per game / per hour / per year.
+Returning customers
Unique player vs player games that have a high-replay value

The exclusive content that’s developed in house is a guest magnet! The games are engaging and can be played multiple times because they are competitive and challenging experiences.
+Excellent reviews
Offer a thrilling 5-star guest experience that’s appealing to a wide audience

You get amazing feedback from your customers. Arkadia suits a wide audience - kids and teens, adults and even seniors. It’s all about that “good honest fun” for the entire family that just keeps coming back for more.
VR attractions
Designed to your specifications!
We work with FEC owners and industry professionals to develop our arena, to add new features, design fun VR games, and make our attractions more appealing to your customers.
6 Player Arena
The 6-Player Arena is definitely worth checking out. Think about this for starters, it gives you 50% more throughput and 50% more income than a 4-Player system, yet the space requirement is almost the same.
4 Player Arena
The 4 Player Arena is compact and efficient. We know that you have to take into consideration a lot of aspects before making a decision. So, this system has the right balance between space requirement, cost, and profit.
Size and dimension
14.8 ft x 18.8 ft x 8.7 ft
4.5 m x 5.7 m x 2.7 m
14.8 ft x 14.8 ft x 8.7 ft
4.5 m x 4.5 m x 2.65 m
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The VR games you run define your success!

In VR content is truly king, the games you run in your center will directly impact your revenue. Make sure you provide guests with entertaining, high replay value VR experiences. In the end, these games will make the difference between a good and a poor investment.
License Free Policy

Unique VR Games
Arkadia runs only exclusive content, propriety games, developed in-house. We produce custom content because we want your guests to have unique experiences. You won’t find our games on the internet or anywhere else, except for Arkadia locations.
50%  more

High Replay Value PvP Games
Most of our games are competitive player vs player experiences. Let’s face it, in an entertainment center, it’s much more fun playing against your buddies, family, coworkers, rather than shooting some random computer-generated enemies.
50%  more

Fun for Everybody
Games can be both family-friendly and extremely fun. We don’t use gore effects, scary monsters, or other creepy stuff. Instead, we make our games very engaging and competitive, but also lighthearted and fun. That’s why, everyone likes them: kids, teens, adults, even seniors.
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New Titles Released Periodically
You need new content to keep your guests entertained and coming back for more. We know it! That’s why, we strive to produce 3 new titles per year, and we always release high-quality games.
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Personalize the arena!
Imagine! How would Arkadia look like at your location? Customize your favorite arena to match your center’s style!
Select a color scheme for your VR Arena
It’s easy!
Host amazing events
Arkadia is really great for events. The VR games appeal to a wide audience, and they’re perfect for a whole range of activities from birthday parties to corporate outings. Plus, you get the right balance between fun factor and efficient throughput. Just think of the package deals you could make!
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We provide you with support, available at all times.

Arkadia is easy to manage and it needs only 1 operator. It has a user-friendly interface and a simple to use software.
You can maximize your staff’s daily attributions

Operators can create a list of games your customers want to play in advance so the remaining time can be allocated to other tasks (like disinfecting the surrounding areas)
Gaming competitions are really popular these days

Why not host VR tournaments at your center? The 6-Player System is ideal for these types of events and it comes with a built-in tournament platform. Convenient, isn’t it?
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