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Arkadia 6-Player VR Arena is a magnet for fun and designed to run at full capacity in your Entertainment Venue, through the unique multiple game sessions.

In your business, you've probably faced this challenge: guests occupying an attraction only by 50%, while others have to wait in a line for their turn! This significantly affects the revenue and throughput of the attraction.

There’s an efficient solution to this! With Arkadia VR Arena 2 separate groups can now play a different Virtual Reality game simultaneously, instead of waiting for the other group to finish!

You'll have more guests, less wait time, and more earnings with your VR attraction!
Multi-Game Sessions
+Run 2 Games Simultaneously
The VR system can constantly accommodate 6 guests, running at 100% capacity with only 1 operator needed!
+40% More Game Sessions
Arkadia’s top locations are now recording an average monthly income between $29k – $38 since the Multi-Game Session was installed. That’s a 25-40% increase in the number of game sessions!
+6 Players, Double Advantage!
Offer your guests something they won't find anywhere else, only in your center! Immerse up to 6 players and immerse your guests into a new world through the high-quality VR games.
“We love the multi-game sessions over here at Xtreme Action Park and the Arkadia VR Arena. With our high-volume facility, VR is always crowded. The multi-game session allows us to run 2 different games at the same time which helps the line a ton. The customers love the games and it's very easy to understand for the employees to run and for the guests to enjoy."

Marc Gongora
Arcade/Attractions Director, Xtreme Action Park
6 Player Arena
The 6-Player Arena is definitely worth checking out. Think about this for starters, it gives you 50% more throughput and 50% more income than a 4-Player system, yet the space requirement is almost the same.
4 Player Arena
The 4 Player Arena is compact and efficient. We know that you have to take into consideration a lot of aspects before making a decision. So, this system has the right balance between space requirement, cost, and profit.
Size and dimension
14.8 ft x 18.8 ft x 8.7 ft
4.5 m x 5.7 m x 2.7 m
14.8 ft x 14.8 ft x 8.7 ft
4.5 m x 4.5 m x 2.65 m
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The VR games you run define your success!

In VR content is truly king, the games you run in your center will directly impact your revenue. Make sure you provide guests with entertaining, high replay value VR experiences. In the end, these games will make the difference between a good and a poor investment.
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Unique VR Games
Arkadia runs only exclusive content, propriety games, developed in-house. We produce custom content because we want your guests to have unique experiences. You won’t find our games on the internet or anywhere else, except for Arkadia locations.
50%  more

High Replay Value PvP Games
Most of our games are competitive player vs player experiences. Let’s face it, in an entertainment center, it’s much more fun playing against your buddies, family, coworkers, rather than shooting some random computer-generated enemies.
50%  more

Fun for Everybody
Games can be both family-friendly and extremely fun. We don’t use gore effects, scary monsters, or other creepy stuff. Instead, we make our games very engaging and competitive, but also lighthearted and fun. That’s why, everyone likes them: kids, teens, adults, even seniors.
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New Titles Released Periodically
You need new content to keep your guests entertained and coming back for more. We know it! That’s why, we strive to produce 3 new titles per year, and we always release high-quality games.
Personalize the arena!
Imagine! What would Arkadia look like at your location? Customize your favorite arena to match your Entertainment Venue’s style!
Select a color scheme for your VR Arena
Is VR Profitable?
With Virtual Reality becoming an essential part of the attraction mix, it’s important to make solid and proven investments! Check out the report and see how much revenue Arkadia VR Arena generates!
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We provide you with support, available at all times.
Arkadia is easy to manage and it has a user-friendly interface and simple-to-use software. Every operator receives immediate support since we are available 24/7!
Arkadia VR Arena is easy to manage by only 1 operator while running at 100% capacity. The set-up of each game is very intuitive and easy to use by everyone!
The enhanced 6 Player VR Attraction offers interactive show lights, a new futuristic operator control center, and an interactive attract mode to entice passers-by to play the game!
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