In Virtual Reality Content is King

When you put the VR headset on, you are entering another world, you are going on an adventure, joining a competition, doing everything you wanted to, but the real-life limits stopped you.

Don’t you want the experience you’re offering to your guests to be entertaining? Don’t you want that world to look good, to be immersive? If you have bad content in VR is like trying to play bowling on a broken down lane, and this brings zero points to the guest experience that you want to create!

Developing Virtual Reality experiences that are high-end is the key when it comes to Location-Based VR. The games have to be appealing to the public and profitable to location owners.

Arkadia VR Arena - Sea Bandits VR Game
In-game capture from Arkadia’s Sea Bandits

Note: Arkadia VR Arena has an exclusive game library with content made in-house. The VR System combines the quality of the experience with the thrills of socializing to create an end-to-end seamless customer journey. All games are family-friendly and appeal to a wide audience.

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What makes VR an experience and not just a game?

High-quality graphics in the VR games

High-quality graphics make the games more appealing to your audience, increase the immersion factor, and they give the game a much better overall feel. The graphics are point zero in the entire experience.

Engaging and dynamic gameplay

A great game has to involve players, to make them believe they are part of that scenario, to give them something unique to do. Moreover, competitive games are much more engaging than the ones that are player versus environment. Why? Well, it’s all about interaction, of people enjoying time with their close group (especially during these times).

High-replay value

An extremely valuable trait for location-based Virtual Reality games is replay value. If the games are good enough, people will play them again and again, and they will tell others. From our experience, PvP competitive games have the biggest replay value.

Specific game time

Game duration is also an important factor that influences throughput and revenue. For example, Arkadia’s games have about 5 minutes of game time, but they are very intense and very absorbing. Customers love it, and owners have a great throughput rate. But also things are different for any venue, depending on the city, country, that’s why we’ve developed a solution that allows the owner to select the best gameplay time for their location and guests.

From now on it’s the operator who decides how long a game should be!

How does it help you?

Have the freedom to completely adjust the timing based on your location’s requirements. You can either make it shorter than 5 minutes or longer (very suitable for private events where guests want to play for a longer time)
• Maximize the customer experience in your location.
• Make the most of the busy days at the center.

Appealing to a wide audience

Games should be appealing to a wide audience, or you should have a library of games fit for different audiences. For example, our games work amazingly for both kids’ birthday parties and corporate events.

Think about your audience

When it comes to a Virtual Reality System, you want to know who you want to target. This means that you must look at the local demographics.

By knowing this, it will be easier for you to determine what type of VR attraction and content would work for them. If your target audience is kids and family, you’ll want to choose a VR System that can be easily enjoyed by this target audience. This means content that’s not scary and can be fun for the whole family!

With a VR System, you can easily organize perfect events for them. You can host VR gaming tournaments, private events, birthday parties, team buildings, awards and competitions, festivals, parties. This will guarantee you a bigger number of visitors and will trigger online posts. There are plenty of occasions to celebrate, from private events to Halloween or Children’s Day, and you can even come up with your own special days that are safe for your audience.

Offer a unique experience your guests can’t get at home with a Virtual Reality Arena!

VR is slowly growing to general consumer usage, as there are headsets that are affordable for the user to buy, that your guests can purchase at home and it’s so important to choose the right set-up. A Virtual Arena is what a facility needs in order to attract more guests! However, the focus should be on the experience the guest is having! The goal is for your guests to interact with one another and have lots of fun! This can be easily done through high-quality and engaging VR content.

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