What you need to ask when looking into VR!

You’ve probably gone beyond asking questions like “What is a VR Attraction?”, so this guide will help you with the next step.

It highlights the main questions that you need to ask to find the right type of VR Attraction for your business!

Q1. What kind of technology are you using?

With so many options out there, you’ll see a couple of different types of VR attractions and even more vendors for each of them. You might be tempted to choose a cheaper free roam headset. Or you might choose a system overcomplicated with all kinds of different technologies, mixed together.

It’s important to know and understand that cheaper solutions bring poor-quality experiences and tech issues (such as short battery life), while over complex options prove challenging in time, whenever something breaks and requires repairs, which can take a while. And it all ends up losing business for you.
Make sure to look for reliable options, that drive a high-quality experience and have really low risks of breaking down or damaging the guest experience.

Q2. What games are there and where are they from?

No secret here! The experience starts the moment you place that headset over your eyes and the games are the most important part of any VR System
Are they high-quality graphics, nice, and easy to learn gameplay? Where are they from?

Are they developed by the vendor, or purchased from a website that your customers can access from their couch, or worse, your competitors can do it as well? What kind of costs are there for the games? How often do you get new games?
Make sure to look for games with high replayability, amazing graphics, and very easy-to-learn gameplay!

Q3. How much space is needed for a VR Attraction and what are the requirements?  

Before going for any VR Attraction, make sure that you have the space to host it and make sure that this space is not hidden in the back of the center, or close to the emergency exit where nobody passes through.
VR needs to be in the center, people need to see it and look at other people playing and having fun! So double-check on your space and look for the solution that best fits it and also make sure that you have everything in order, such as power outlets and internet connections.

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Q4. What kind of warranty and support will they offer you?

Tech Support is essential in the day-by-day operations of your VR Attraction. There are many pieces of technology involved with VR, starting from headsets, computers, cables, the internet, control management software, and many others.
Do you want to lose a weekend of business because your vendor doesn’t provide tech support on the weekend?

Q5. Ask yourself, why should you trust them?

As weird as it may sound, this is a very important question to consider. VR has a proven record, has a proven success, but this doesn’t apply for any VR Attraction out there and definitely not for every vendor on the market.
Make sure to find vendors that bring real experience to the table, that have data to support their product and that won’t disappear in a year or two.

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