QBIX Installed at The Fun Factor, Canada!

QBIX is now officially up and running at The Fun Factor Fun Centre – Kamloops in Canada!

With a fun attraction mix that includes laser tag, mini bowling, bumper cars, an arcade zone, and more, QBIX is all set to be a fantastic addition that’ll offer a social multiplayer experience for all their guests!

QBIX Installed at The Fun Factor

QBIX has The Fun Factor

QBIX is designed to be a stand-alone, modern attraction that captivates visitors without the need for an operator. The game creates an immersive and thrilling environment, drawing guests in and encouraging real-world interaction among players.

“We’re excited to have this added to our facility – we were looking for a stand-alone modern attraction that didn’t require an operator. Something that was thrilling to draw guests in, as well as something that would engage our players to interact with each other in the real world. Really looking forward to the future that Inowize developers come up with for the QBIX and the potential that this platform has for our guests! Installation team from Inowize was efficient, and we could not have asked for a better experience!” – Arthur Loring, The Fun Factor Fun Centre – Kamloops 


Diverse Entertainment at The Fun Factor

Spanning over 9000 square feet, The Fun Factor boasts a diverse range of entertainment options. From the heart-pounding Spin Zone Bumper Cars to the immersive Laser Tag arena, and the nostalgic Retro Arcade with pinball games, there’s something for every visitor. The Roller Coaster Simulator, Mini-Bowling, and the King Kong Virtual Reality experience add further excitement to this expansive fun center.

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Why are Guest and Operators excited about it!

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