If you’re in the FEC industry, or you’re planning to get into it, this story is for you.

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty, if you look on the bright side, you see it: strong communities and passionate FEC owners that are sharing their experiences. Free webinars from industry professionals, ebooks, insightful survey results, and the list can go on…

We’ve all seen how FEC operators have taken a step back, analyzed the situation, and with every action they took – they wanted to do things better. Not only for their business, but for their customers, team, and community.

And it’s been tough.

But we’re seeing one ray of hope at a time. Improvements. Persistence. Dedication.

As we’ve touched in our previous blog post, we wanted to do something within the Family Entertainment Center community so that’s how we got Wize Talk going.

We’re already at Episode 2!

It tackles fascinating points of view about success, innovation, and dedication in this business all wrapped up in a very cool (and eye-opening) chat with Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291, a modern FEC located in Oklahoma.

Success or Failure?

The FEC industry is all about putting your heart and soul in this industry, and it requires a lot of research – it’s all about perseverance and that particular personal touch.

When you put your heart and soul into your center, I see a lot of success.

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

It’s always about innovating and looking for the next big thing, right? That’s the key right now – not being a traditionalist, and being bold, understanding what your customers need, while being invested in every aspect of your business.

Being a true leader means being perseverent, understanding that getting no’s after no’s shouldn’t be a setback, but a motivation to continue your business journey. It’s always about turning a “no” into a “yes”.

The Secret Sauce You Need For This Business

Is there any sort of a secret recipe for that? Does it vary from one business to another? It sure does.

Kyle has given us some interesting information which you can see in this video. But to sum it up, we came to the conclusion that one important element in the Family Entertainment industry is passion. And great insight and connections in the industry, we may add.

Being someone that’s hungry, passionate, that exudes excellence and is completely driven will not necessarily guarantee your success. But you’ll most likely be one step closer.

You’re going to get knocked down hundreds of times, not tens of times – Just keep going.

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

If you keep persevering long enough, you will achieve your true potential.

Stay Connected With The FEC Industry

For everyone that’s looking to open a new FEC or to scale their business, you should never forget about staying informed and connected within the industry.

Get connected early, whenever you decide you want to get in this crazy industry […] attend conferences and events.

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

IAAPA does a great program called IAAPA Rookies and Newcomers: FEC 101, which is a new kind of start-up style, a three-day seminar. That’s a starting point. Depending where you’re at in your business, there are a lot of groups on various social media channels (Facebook or LinkedIn), plenty of webinars (TrainerTainment, Beyond The Frame by QubicaAMF) and events created specifically for those in the FEC industry (FEC Success Institute by Amusement Products,  FEC Connect by American Association Machine Association, and the list can go on).

How To Bring Next Level Innovation to Your FEC?

Nowadays it’s crucial to be bold and innovate your center. Let’s say… adding a unique spin on it it’s the key.

Analyzing what your competitors do and researching a lot will give you an idea of what works. Moreover, it’s important to be strategic – see how you can make the most out of an idea. 

We didn’t want to be that cookie-cutter FEC that you see popping out everywhere.


Having a cutting-edge modern facility is very trendy right now among guests of all ages. From Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Climbing walls, it can definitely make you unique and set you apart from the competition.

People love the staples, that’s already known by everyone… But Kyle has put things for us in a different perspective. Adding something that’s unique to the rest of the attractions makes your center stand out, and customers will want to come and see what’s it all about.

Have attractions that make people say – Ok, I will come to this center because they have Attraction A and I can’t find it anywhere else.

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

Final Thoughts?

Research, research, research

It’s important to be all the way in this industry. That’s why going to as many FECs as possible, seeing what they have to offer, what attractions they have, how is their customer service and overall vibe will offer you a perspective – what can you add or what should you focus on.

Don’t get discouraged

You’re going to hear a lot of “no’s” – from banks or partners. It’s important to stay focused, know what you want to achieve, plan your business thoroughly.