It’s inspiring how rapidly are humans able to adapt and overcome various situations they stumble upon. It’s not ideal, of course, but you see it daily – we read about it, we see it on TV and we encounter it both in our personal lives and in our jobs.

There’s no difference when it comes to the Family Entertainment Center industry, where fun and passion lies at the core of it all.

As the world had changed, other things became clearer – that it’s not only about facts anymore (or not as much as we thought it was), but about emotions, competency, dedication and ultimately (and most importantly) – empathy.

And while things have transformed, the FEC industry became significantly more supportive. While centers were closed, we all “moved” online to build communities, to find answers, to get help from people that are going through similar things.


“I believe that nobody can ever build anything alone, and we need to surround ourselves with inspiring, successful people to show that things will eventually get better”

Claudia Mihalache, Co-Founder Inowize.


In early March, we took a step back and asked ourselves – “oh, ok, what now?”. 

While we were coming up with solutions, evaluating things, taking care of our customers and team, we kept in touch with the community. 

And it was amazing. From articles, e-books, and those long, insightful webinars and live videos, it inspired us to partake in this empathic journey in the Family Entertainment business.

People were actually giving real solutions to the particular issues they were having. The abundance of questions and solutions made us think: There’s a way to grow. Because we are in the same boat. Every business went through similar situations. We were shaken up in the blink of an eye, but that didn’t stop us from hitting the ground running after we evaluated our business.

We wanted to do something within the Family Entertainment Center community, so we gathered our team and asked ourselves some questions.

“What can we do to genuinely help you?”

“How can we provide valuable information?”

“How can we be close to our peers in the industry?


That’s how Wize Talks started. 

It’s not just a series of interviews, but more of an authentic talk with professionals that share their experience in order to motivate you to thrive in your business. It’s all about the community and the creative ideas that impact the FEC industry.

The idea behind these interviews is to highlight the good and the bad, to get advice from successful people in the industry, and to shed some positivity. 

There are some main points we had in mind when launching this project:

  • Sharing what you haven’t yet mastered is a point of strength.
  • Talking about your fears and doubts in the industry is ok.
  • Wanting to innovate and do things differently is possible when you’re part of a strong community.


We first started talking to FEC owners about their current situation, how they adapted to the worldwide pandemic, then slowly shifted to talk about the “secret sauce” that success in this industry requires.

In the upcoming episodes, we only want one thing: to support you. With information, ideas, inspiration – all wrapped up in videos that will be posted on our social media channels. (don’t worry, you’ll be able to find us everywhere!).

Talks about the perfect attraction mix, unique perspectives, architecture, how to open a successful FEC, how to increase your revenue, and how to grow your business. Many more to come. 


Everything is easy to transform and change. As we said at the beginning, we want to be a part of your journey. To help you overcome some situations you’re maybe struggling with now. We hope you can join the journey and share your ideas.


If you haven’t seen his face before, meet Stefan, our amazing Sales Manager!

He will be leading all these interviews while posting cool tips on his LinkedIn account!