With the world almost shut down in 2020, most amusement and family entertainment industry events moved in a more virtual set-up, which was awesome! However, human interactions, networking, and valuable conferences are still something that most of us have missed last year.

There are so many events for the Location-Based Entertainment meant to teach and inspire people that are just starting a brand new FEC or someone that has been in the business for a while. 

We love events! It’s so amazing to be able to connect, meet new people and discover trends! That’s why when we asked ourselves “What events are we gonna attend this year?”, made a list and decided to share it with you, maybe it can be of use or inspiration :).

Below you’ll find the list of 20-ish amusement and family entertainment industry events 2021 that will happen throughout 2021. They might not be all the events in the Location-Based Entertainment industry (for sure), so if you know of any that’s happening either virtual or on-site and that could help the community, let us know!

Amusement and entertainment industry events 2021


When? 2nd – 5th of February 2021

The business of birthday parties is neither new nor not known of, but extremely important for the FEC Industry. The 4-day full class of Birthday University is very engaging and takes operators throughout the whole process of understanding, planning, and organizing birthday parties.


When? 23rd – 25th of February 2021

Amusement 360 is an event for start-ups and operators that educates, inspires, and connects operators. It empowers operators to level up their FEC operations and career. It tackles essential information that is vital for each FEC operator. Whether you want to make your family entertainment center stand out or are just getting started, the 3-day virtual event covers all aspects of starting and operating an FEC.

Format: HYBRID (on-site in Tokyo + Virtual)

When? 23rd – 25th of February 2021

This event is Japan’s leading B2B exhibition where all products and services related to events and the amusement industry gather at once, in one single place. It’s an amazing opportunity to step into the Japanese market and a large number of leading companies in the event industry!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 15th – 17th of April 2021

TEEM is a project by SC Exhibitions, one of the world’s leading promoters and producers of live entertainment.  This is the first time this conference will take place in the United States, as it was previously in Paris (2012), Berlin (2013 & 2019SC Exhibition), Munich (2014 & 2017), and Istanbul (2015).

Format: ON-SITE

When? 27th – 28th of April 2021

InterFun Expo is a great event where operators can find out about the latest product innovations, Family Entertainment Center trends and discover new technology to drive more customers to the facility. As they advertise it on their website, “whether you run a family entertainment center, leisure venue or family attraction, or incorporate gaming, play, or adventure zone within your visitor attraction, eatery, mall, or resort”, this event is suitable for you!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 17th – 19th of May 2021

DEAL is the event for the entertainment, leisure, and amusement industry! By being a part of this event, you enter into one of the fastest-growing entertainment markets in terms of spending and growth, as it welcomes 100+ vendors from around the world.

Format: ON-SITE

When? 17th – 19th of May 2021

AALARA engages buyers from throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region with industry manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and consultants! It is a fantastic way to look for new trends, and buy the latest in amusement rides and attractions, products, equipment, services to grow your FEC business.

Format: ON-SITE

When? 1st – 3rd of June 2021

SEA is the largest gathering of entertainment and leisure for industry professionals in Saudi Arabia. During the 3-day event,  while attending the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement expo you can interact with industry professionals, as well as exploring business opportunities for your FEC!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 3rd – 5th of June 2021

The ATRAX exhibition and conference focuses on attraction facilities, parks and events that will motivate individuals for a more active life and make attraction and recreation options more available! Moreover, you’ll be able to connect with industry professionals and discover the  latest innovations, technologies, products and projects of the amusement sector!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 8th – 9th of JUne 2021

The 2-day seminar is conducted at the Amusement Products manufacturing facility and covers a variety of topics to educate both new and existing FEC operators. Experienced industry experts share their knowledge and insights on subjects such as feasibility, financing, zoning, design, construction, attractions, and much more!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 20th – 24th of June 2021

Bowling Expo is an event meant for the bowling industry that focuses on maximizing profit in the bowling industry.  The annual convention and trade show for bowling centers features exhibits with a wide array of products & services. Plus, it’s a lot of fun, and operators can have a chance to discover all the innovative products that are showcased. You get to see the next big thing before it becomes the big thing!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 29th – 30th of June 2021

The Amusement Expo International is the annual event for the coin-op and revenue-generating amusement, music, and family entertainment industry. The 3-day event brings new technologies, networking possibilities, and information education all under one roof for any operator to discover, all provided by the experienced hands of AAMA (American Amusement Machine Association)

Format: ON-SITE

When? 15th – 17th of July 2021

The Korea Attraction Fair is a hot-spot for discovering during the 3-day exhibition all sorts of technology, from VR, AR, video games, children’s amusement, and other gaming amusement equipment products.

Format: ON-SITE

When? 10th – 13th of August 2021

At IAAPA Asia you will discover new ideas, technology, and amazing people to connect with! IAAPA Expo Asia is the one-stop destination for leisure and attractions industry professionals, including operators, suppliers, investors, and developers from Family Entertainment Centers, Amusement Parks, Integrated Hotels and Resorts and many more!

Format: ON-SITE

When? 27th – 30 th of September 2021

IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 will be an all-encompassing destination for leisure and attractions industry professionals, including operators, suppliers, manufacturers, investors, developers, and anyone wishing to engage with the global amusement community.

Format: ON-SITE, Orlando, USA

When? 16th – 19th of November 2021

Already known as one of the most popular gatherings in the United States for the LBE industry, this year the name changes, and thus, new opportunities arise! IAAPA Attractions Expo is now IAAPA Expo. This is the event where you can learn and experience what’s new, innovative, and next.

Format: ON-SITE, Birmingham, UK

When? 10th – 11th of November 2021

If you’re looking to expand your business and want to know what industry trends are out there and how to attract your customers, this may be the event for you. At the Family Attraction Expo, you’ll meet like-minded people, and attend seminars, live demos, speakers, networking opportunities, and more, all in one place!

Format: ON-SITE, Cannes, France

When? 30th November – 2nd of December 2021

LeisurUp is the home of the leisure industry community. At this event you’ll meet key players from the leisure, retail, and real estate industries in order to build the most vibrant live experiences for your place!