As we’ve already touched on it in our previous posts, the new becomes normal and everyone out there is slowly getting back on track. We didn’t expect that the current situation would take such a toll on the FEC industry and honestly, we don’t quite know how things will unfold. However, we have one piece of advice that the entertainment industry should live by – to keep going and to stay on-trend.

Entertainment has always been something that people desire. People that are entering your center are always searching for that good-authentic fun.

Given these moments we surely think that adding a Virtual Reality attraction is the go-to especially if you were planning to open a new Family Entertainment Center before the pandemic or you’re currently looking to reopen and adapt.

Here are 3 reasons why a VR attraction is the trendy, profitable “pure fun” approach your center needs:

It brings people together while keeping them safe

When all of this occurred, people’s main focus and questions were “But is it safe?”, “What if something happens?”. And it makes total sense. If you are worried about that, we get you

You’re probably thinking about ways people can have an amazing time, while not worrying about their safety, just because everything is where it should be and seems rather normal. We’ll touch on how Virtual Reality attractions focus on fun, wholesome experiences.

During this time, when everyone was stuck inside, on their couches, without a lot of physical activity going on (apart from the weekly walk to the grocery store or a short walk in the park 😄), people wanted to have fun. 


Apart from being trendy, fun, and safe (the tethered option), it also creates a great place for people to connect, thanks to all the player versus player games. 

A VR attraction drives a lot of profit

This recovery time isn’t easy for anybody. As the latest surveys have shown, FECs are not making as much profit as they used to and that was something business owners had to let sink in (for a while).

Things won’t get back to normal very soon, and the key is to adapt. Virtual Reality Attractions are great when it comes to profit because in a pretty small footprint you get quite a number of customers having fun at the same time. For instance, Arkadia is a 6-Player Arena, and pretty cool is that in the same footprint at many other attractions you get a 50% increase in throughput and income compared to any 4-Player units on the market.

This is something you should be considering when looking at what type of attractions you should add to your newly opened center or when discussing the reopening strategy of your center.

It offers high-quality content and amazing experiences

Firstly, your FEC is the place people connect and share great experiences. Secondly, it’s all about innovation. You are innovating your FEC by bringing a modern, high-tech approach to it.


It adds that differentiator people are looking for. Why is that, you may wonder? Because of the engaging content. Apart from the look of the arena, apart from it being safe, trendy, and high-tech, content is king in VR. And that’s why people decide to come and revisit you because they enjoyed the immersive experience.

Choose a Virtual Reality Arena that focuses on the experience, on how every single customer, from kids and teens, adults, and even seniors enjoy the fun times with their closest friends and family!

The LBE industry is now emerging into something unique: customers will want experiences they can’t get at home, and given the fact that they’ve been at home for so long, they will look for fun alternatives. VR is a personalized and profitable experience which makes it a must. It has to be added to your attraction mix!

Go ahead, ask us how Arkadia can drive the next generation of fun in your center! 😀