Episode 6 of WizeTalks is about the importance of working with a consultant and the design and theming of a Family Entertainment Center.

We interviewed Kenton Steinhardt, Senior Project Manager at Immersive Planet who gave us amazing insight into this world. They have a wide experience in the design, development, and management of leisure, fun, and edutainment concepts.

What are the trends for design and theming in 2021?

• Virtual Waiting Lines

Customers will much rather prefer to have an app on their phone, or receive an SMS and they know what to come to your facility.

• Great Interest in Immersive Experiences

Guests are more drawn to be captivated in a surreal world. The feel that they’ve escaped to a new world filled with excitement and adventure is something they’re looking for and is expected that 2021 will bring more of that.

In terms of design, we see a greater interest in terms of futuristic experiences. The advancements in the technology of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality are allowing us to create new experiences to mix with any combination of theming

Kenton Steinhardt, Senior Project Manager at Immersive Planet

• Modular Attractions

These are creative solutions that can be customized to each venue’s specific and create a unique guest experience.