We’ve previously touched on the topics of how to choose the right demographics, and plan your attraction mix according to that, which you can read on our blog.  However, another discussion that’s merely relevant as the year is getting to an end is the marketing for FECs and your strategy for 2021. With an emphasis on the online strategy.   

Maybe you’ve promoted your facility through your local radio, or even television, or maybe you’ve paid for a billboard on the main route to your center, but what about the online strategy? You’re posting content on Facebook or Instagram. You probably even have a dedicated person to do so… What kind of pictures are you posting? Stock photos or real ones in which your fans can see happy customers?

You’ve implemented amazing disinfecting methods, but who else knows about it (apart from the people walking in your facility)? Have you sent an email to your database? Have you made some videos explaining what’s your way of adapting and working through these times?

Be your customer’s first choice, by determining them to engage with you and come to your center and experience what you’re sharing online

What should you focus on?

It’s crucial to keep in touch with your customers, especially when face to face interactions aren’t as easy right now. You can’t give flyers across town, you can’t invite everybody in your center at once and have a massive grand opening for one of your events. You can’t even organize big events. That’s why moving part of your activity online and focusing on marketing for FECs is very important during this time.

Craft More Digital Content in 2021!


Did you know that videos drive 48% higher sales? Do you use them to promote your facility?

As said before, this year was incredible when it comes to finding ways to stay in touch. From chatting via zoom to posting video content – it all became way easier to be as authentic as possible.

It’s important to make use of videos in your online strategy. Did you know that according to Hubspot, 81% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool, which is from 63% over the last year.

Another important thing to consider, when it comes to user behavior, especially when it comes to social media platforms is that people would much rather watch a video than read a text or look at an image. Crazy, right? As mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, it is also estimated that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, which is 15 times higher than it was in 2017 (according to a statistic by Cisco).

Promote your entertainment center via videos! Trust us when we say that this is one of the best strategies you need to include in your 2021 Marketing Plan.

What types of videos can you make?

There are so many options, but in this article, I’ll be giving you some examples that will significantly change the way you can reach your audience online.

Genuine videos from your FEC

You have so many attractions in your center – why not show how they work? When people decide to come to your facility they should already know what to expect (especially if they haven’t visited your center before). And even though it may be quite easy to understand how a bowling or laser tag experience may be, your center is unique. The setting, sounds, atmosphere and first contact with your staff – it can all be presented during a presentation video that can catch the eye and attention of your target audience.

Moreover, you can explain your new rules via a video. Why post a long blog-post or text explaining all the new imposed regulations of safety in your center when the message can be sent more efficiently? And here’s another advantage – the message can come directly from someone that’s trusted or why not, from one of your staff members or a mascot (if you have one).

Always keep in mind that you don’t need fancy gear or professional people shooting and editing your video. It’s so easy to keep it simple. If you have your smartphone, use it! If you have a camera lying around from that time you took staff pictures, use it! 

If there’s one thing this year has taught us is that we have to make ends meet by using the resources we have around us. Professional videos are great, but what matters is to create that connection with people that stumble across your page.


I’m sure you’ve heard of vlogs before but maybe haven’t considered integrating them into your marketing strategy. You can document how a day in your family entertainment center is from start to finish. Or why not, document what one of your daily passes can get a customer! And after that, you can just post it on all of your platforms (including your website). This makes it easier for people to get a feel of your facility, and decide whether to visit you or not.

Customer testimonials

If there’s something we’ve learned from 2020, is that being genuine is the key! In all of these trying times, people wanted to stay connected. Everyone hoped on their cameras (from celebrities, business owners, to clients) and started to talk about a certain given subject.

Video testimonials are great because they create a bridge between your potential customer and someone that has visited your center and it’s unbiased. If you have regulars, you should be asking them if they are willing to send a short video about their experience in your center, and have them talk about the customer experience, attractions, and even prices. It will be a game-changer in your promotion strategy!

Live videos

Considering that your customers can’t visit you at any time they want, create an environment where they can have an authentic feel of how your center looks! For instance, you can do one live video per week from your facility on your social platform your customers are most frequently on. We suggest you choose Facebook or Instagram, as a lot of people in your demographic may be there scrolling and looking for activities to do with their friends and family!

Newsletter Content

How can you redefine your newsletter strategy and why is it important?

If you think that sending e-mails to your customers is not a good thing to do (because they are already receiving constant COVID-19 updates, promotions, and deals), you’re not completely wrong. However, that’s why it’s recommended to have a different approach when reaching out to your database.

Be human and show empathy. Everyone is doing so and so, that’s why mixing deals and promotions with telling stories about your facility is the key. Send out emails about how you managed to overcome this situation (with ups and downs) and how you care for your team, employees, and about them, your customers.

Without a doubt, having an email list of past attendees is the most efficient way to reach out to them after being closed by sending emails to return when reopening. It is essential to communicate to them in the email everything that is being done at the venue to make it as safe as possible to visit.

Your Social Media Strategy!

You can create your first point of contact with your customers and potential guests even before having them in your center! Most people do their research and analyze where they should hangout with their friends and family. They start with Google, check your reviews and maybe visit your website to look for ways to make the reservation.

However, as most people spend their time scrolling on Social Media platforms, one thing we recommend is to try to showcase your FEC as genuine as possible.

Yes, we love high-quality beverage photos, or amazingly shot food, but how about you actual customers being there enjoying your services? Pictures can speak louder than words, and if you manage to create a “mood” with your pictures, you will share a sense of belonging.

Yes, your laser tag, or VR, or bowling looks amazing, but wouldn’t it be greater if you would have people enjoying the experience and have that posted?

Overall, if there’s one important aspect to take out of this piece, is that being authentic is what ruled in 2020 and we’re sure it’s going to be the hot deal in 2021 as well!