It’s important to master all the different layers in your business. Although the term customer success has been a buzzword for a long time now, we believe it’s crucial to any business’ success – including the Location-Based Entertainment Industry.

How are you going to make your customers successful with the product or service that you’re offering?

Let’s go through what Customer Success actually is and why it’s so important…

We are going to go through some customer success strategies we use or are in the process of using at Inowize. After that, we will give you some ideas on how you can implement a customer success strategy in your facility.

Customer Success Definition

If we were to narrow down this concept to one simple term, it would be the word accomplishment. However, customer success is quite complex and it simply cannot be described like this.

Customer Success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome through their nteractions with your business. The key is to simply help them achieve success through your product.

Customer success does not equal customer satisfaction.

At first, we didn’t realize we were actually implementing a customer success strategy at Inowize. However, we were involved since day 1 in how we can help our customers achieve more by using our product.

The customer success pool is huge, and over the years we’ve dipped our toes and tried various things. Nevertheless, only when we sat down and created a strategy, things started to make more sense for us and our customers.

There is a lot of talk regarding how to help customers achieve success. It’s not that simple, as it requires a very data-oriented approach to help customers. That’s why the post-sale process should be just as thorough as the pre-sale one.

Others have described customer success as the process of moving their clients towards their desired goals, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

After your customer took contact with you and decided to buy something from you, their journey doesn’t end there. Your product isn’t the one that’s going to entirely save their life, but you can be a pillar. In other words, you are a trusted partner in helping them achieve the greatest results with your product. By doing so, you can keep them in the loop with industry events, product developments, and so on.

The Philosophy Behind Customer Success at Inowize

We can say that the quote “If you shine, I shine” stands as the main philosophy behind customer success. Once we made sure that our business aligns with our partner’s business philosophy and chooses to work towards both parties’ achievements, that’s customer success.

When Arkadia’s clients are successful, we also achieve success. Another important element of this concept is that we realize that we must stay engaged with our customers throughout their journey. Why? So we can intervene whenever we feel like they may need help. 

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This concept is about properly managing your customer’s expectations while working towards making sure they’re becoming loyal to your brand. You have to know what they want from your product, how they manage their success while looking at what you bring to the table. Moreover, how are you going to intervene if they don’t move from one success milestone to the next?

Key Elements of Customer Success in Location-Based Entertainment

The relationship between you and your guests never stops.

We know that if you ever googled Customer Success, you may most likely come across a lot of talk about Business to Business strategies, which will make you wonder if this is only for B2B?

It’s completely untrue. If you own a company, you have customers, and you should want them to prosper. Thus, this concept can be applied to the Location-Based Entertainment industry and family entertainment centers.

On one side, we have applied customer success strategies that can work with our clients, but if you’re an entertainment venue owner, you should know that you can as well apply it to your business.

All you need to know is your customer’s journey and how you can better their experience alongside that journey. These are the most important steps:

• Onboarding

• Adoption

• Retention

• Loyalty and Advocacy

Family Entertainment Center Customer Success

Inspire loyalty with a customer-focused attitude.

The pillars of how customer success actually works are very important, as you can manage how your customer is going to perceive you and your brand. Thus, customers will know if they will come to visit your family entertainment center again, or if they’re satisfied with your offering, which means it’s customer success.

Another key element of customer success is that you and your team acknowledge the fact that the reason your customer chooses to engage with you stays behind the repeated visits to your center, repeated party bookings, that generates a long-term commitment.

You need to implement a customer success strategy

Specialists have proven that each customer success strategy may differ from one business to another. With so many existing business models, you can not just go on the internet and choose a pre-made strategy that will apply to you and give the required results.

You have to deeply understand your customer and their expectations of you. How are they perceiving you? What are you not offering them?

Strategies implemented at Inowize for Arkadia’s customers:

Using Content Marketing to Engage with Potential Clients

We write a lot of articles on our blog, and at the end of each one, we suggest to the readers to share their email addresses by downloading a new educational material. We are offering valuable information to those who are in the Location-Based Entertainment Industry and are interested, at some point, to purchase our product.

The key to this customer success strategy is that it takes a long time, and the results can be seen starting from 6-months to a year.

Keeping in Touch With Customer About Unused Features

We help our existing customers to achieve success by simply using the tools we have already offered. For example, when it comes to Arkadia VR we must stay proactive and encourage our customers and the Arena’s operators to engage with the guests as much as possible. By using all the marketing packages to promote the attraction and implement the new features we constantly put up it adopts a proactive attitude towards the client.

Providing Additional Benefits to Existing consumers

We want to let consumers know that we are continually innovating with them as part of our consumer satisfaction plan. If it’s by bringing additional benefits to their account or by actually listening to their testimonials.

Collect Feedback From Our Clients and Their Customers

As we develop all the Virtual reality games, it is very important for us to know what VR experiences are the most appreciated by our client’s guests and what type of content we should continue to make. It’s crucial to the customer’s success strategy as it can up-sell our product and improve the results of the Arena at that specific location.

Increase Adoption, Retention, Expansion, and Advocacy

When it comes to implementing a customer success strategy for the facility’s guests, you should be having a deep understanding of how and most importantly why your customer chooses your service. But here’s the catch, you need to get their perspective, their raw unscripted feedback.

How can you do that?

Ask for feedback and always act on it.

Solve situations for their success, not your monthly results.

Earn their attention.

Always treat them like a person, and not a persona.

Do the right thing (especially when it’s difficult).

Your strategy has to be based on a customer success map, that’ll analyze how existing customers are feeling and how can you impact them positively, as well as understanding where your customers are, what type of attractions, food or beverages they prefer, and most importantly, what’s the best way to engage with them based on rhythm and monitoring tactics.