Inowize team is working hard and is having fun at the same time in Oklahoma City, installing the VR Quest Arena for the new FEC Altitude 1291.

Altitude 1291 chose VR Quest Arena for their future guests

Talking about the freshly installed VR Arena, General manager, Mike Tiegs says that they are very excited to have Inowize come on board: “Just testing and playing the games was incredible. You set this up faster than we ever anticipated”.

It took just a few days to have everything functional and ready for testing. “This is going to be an amazing experience”, he adds.

“This is going to be an amazing experience.”

Altitude 1291 opted for the 4 player setup. The VR Arena runs 3 types of VR experiences: player vs player competitions, team-based games, and free roam experiences. One of the big advantages of this is having a variety of experiences for visitors of all ages. Guests can play the newly released Raverz, a highly competitive PvP (player versus player) VR game, Sea Bandits (pirate-themed VR game), Grim Helm – a free roam VR game with stunning graphics and Attek (a team-based game).

The fun starts soon

According to Altitude 1291, the center will be family-oriented with “12 lanes of bowling, awesome virtual reality experiences, augmented reality, full-service dining, full-service bar.” It will open late October and the first reservations for events will be available starting mid-November.

General manager, Mike Tiegs, shared his thoughts with us on the 4 Player Arena and the new FEC  in the next short interview below.  

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