FAQ about QBIX: The Newest Multiplayer Unattended Attraction

QBIX, the newest interactive experience, sparked a lot of curiosity! Yes, it’s an unattended attraction! Yes, it’s for up to 6 guests! No, you don’t need VR headsets. Yes, in only a 13×13 ft set-up!

QBIX Product Presentation
QBIX Entertainment Center

Sounds interesting? Find below our Immersive Attractions Consultant’s answers to the most frequently asked questions about QBIX, The Portal of Interactive Fun!


QBIX: Unattended Attraction & Portal of Interactive Fun!

First things first! QBIX is our newest 6-player unattended attraction that offers guests a memorable and interactive experience through engaging 5-8 minute games in a very small footprint: only a 13 ft x 13 ft cube. Let’s dig a little deeper.

How is QBIX unattended?

By integrating a Self-Service Kiosk! What does this mean for you? No worries about staff requirements. Your guests need no help to have fun, they can easily interact with QBIX without an operator. Think about it:

The dynamic attract mode and the cube design draw guests like a magnet.

Guests interact with a friendly and intuitive interface that lets them select and start their games with just a card swipe. Moreover, the attraction itself onboard the players.

They only need 1 controller, and the game starts. No straps, no wires, no headsets, no breakable items!

Moreover, QBIX is designed to integrate with every possible POS and Card Reader System out there.


No, it’s not VR. Guests need no wearables, no add-ons, and no VR Headsets.  Using state-of-the-art technology, such as projection screens, wind blasts, and motion floor, the QBIX Portal offers a memorable experience for guests using only 3 interactive screens and 1 controller per player.


QBIX Enhances Your Guest Experience

And it doesn’t stop there! QBIX is more than an attraction, it’s an interactive experience! Let us show you how:

What types of games are available with QBIX?

Active, fun, and complex games, inviting guests to socialize in story-based games, challenges, and puzzles. A game session lasts around 5 – 8 minutes.

The games are developed in-house and we always aim to create a seamless experience through the content, especially if it’s multiplayer and immersive. Our games are interactive, have 3D high-quality graphics, and most importantly… are very fun to play, again and again. Another thing, the games are easy to understand and play.

The first game available with QBIX is AstroRyders. Players get into a galactic exploring mission with Glo, their orientational officer. They have to risk their life for a better world! After their spacecraft crashes, the team has to shoot aliens and resolve puzzles to defeat Skarkor.

The 3D high-quality graphics, thrilling sounds, the motion floor, and wind blasts make the mission even more thrilling. It’s a group experience that allows all ages to have fun together.

More games are coming! We update the client’s game library with new games yearly.

Here’s a sneak peek of AstroRyders:

How do players interact with QBIX?

Guests interact with the environment by using their controllers. Thus, players can use the controller as a gun, a wand, a laser, or anything else to interact with the QBIX walls. Without wearables, guests can bond even more! They can see each other’s expressions when the motion floor simulates an earthquake or a spacecraft crash and high-five when finishing a team puzzle.

Who is the QBIX targeted audience?

Everyone, because no game is the same which allows diversity for a wide demographic! It’s a family-friendly attraction that offers games that can be played by kids, teens, young adults, or adults. Simply put, parents can be more than kids’ attendance, they can truly enjoy the experience together.


QBIX: An Interactive Experience in Your Entertainment Location

How much space does QBIX require? Where can I place it in my entertainment venue?

QBIX is a small footprint attraction, it comes in 13×13 feet set up! It’s versatile, you can make it a centerpiece or place it by a wall. If you got a medium to a big FEC, with 2 or more Anchor Attractions, then it might fit perfectly on your game floor. Even more, the secret applies to smaller venues too! Let guests see QBIX, and get curious about this interactive experience, just as much as you want your team to see it easily.

Learn More About QBIX!

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