QBIX Installed in a Family Entertainment Center – Hype Arena by Kiddo

It’s official – QBIX has made its way into the world of Family Entertainment Centers with the installation of our interactive unattended gaming attraction at Hype Arena by Kiddo, located in Bucharest, Romania!

QBIX has been a massive success since its installation.


Foot traffic

The Venue has reported increased foot traffic, and visitors have raved about the engaging experience that is Astro Ryders, the Attraction’s first game!


The First Game of QBIX!

AstroRyders is a 1 to 6 Player risky and fully interactive mission. Players get into a galactic exploring mission with Glo, their orientational officer. By all means, they have to play together in order to win! After their spacecraft crashes, the team has to shoot aliens and resolve puzzles in order to defeat Skarkor.


Impact and ROI

We’re looking forward to sharing more data on the revenue and estimated return on investment of the 6-Player Unattended Attraction at Hype Arena in the coming months, starting with January. It’s clear that QBIX is a hit with both venue owners and visitors!

But the success doesn’t stop there – we’re proud to announce that the system was a finalist at the IAAPA Brass Ring Awards 2022 in the Best Product Concept Category. This recognition is a testament to the innovative and immersive nature of the immersive system and its potential to impact the attractions in the family entertainment industry.

We can’t wait to see where it will go next and bring even more exciting and interactive experiences to players. Stay tuned for updates on future installations and new game announcements coming at the beginning of 2023!


About Hype Arena by Kiddo

Hype Arena is the biggest Entertainment Venue in Romania, with over 35000 square feet and a wide attraction mix: from Climbing Walls, Arcade Area, VR Zone (with over 10 different attractions, including Arkadia VR Arena), Ninja Warrior, Trampolines and many more.


About QBIX

QBIX is a 6-player attraction, story-driven, completely immersive, active, and social in only a 13×13 ft space. No operator is needed! The QBIX Portal offers guests a complete experience with state-of-the-art technology, such as Interactive Screens and Haptics. The 3 walls inside QBIX invite players to enjoy their fully engaging experience with their friends and family! Read more about the Frequently Asked Questions here.

The attraction launched at IAAPA Expo with a demo of its first game, AstroRyders – a cooperative game involving shooting, solving puzzles, and mini-games!

Learn More About QBIX!

Get more information about the 6-player unattended attraction and request a quote!

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