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When it comes to a fun experience in an Entertainment Venue, it all comes down to the games. Are they fun? Exciting? Do they take the guests by surprise? What about the wow factor and replay value? 

These are some of the good questions that any operator should ask before investing in a new attraction or game. Check out this article to learn more about how QBIX’s games are interactive, fun, and most importantly, how they create immersion!


QBIX Unattended Games

QBIX is a hit with guests of all ages, making it a perfect addition to any entertainment venue. So, what is the magic behind QBIX games? How do they create such an immersive experience without the use of VR headsets? Let’s dive in.


What is QBIX?

QBIX is a 6-Player Interactive Attraction for Entertainment Venues, that features a wide range of immersive and multi-sensory games.

How Does it Work?

It takes 3 projected screens, 1 hand-held controller per guest, and a lot of special effects that create the same immersion Virtual Reality has, but without the headset. This increases social connection, gamification, and guest interaction during the experience.



QBIX’s Games

QBIX games are a group experience. Designed for multiplayer fun, they’re ideal for families, groups of friends, and birthday parties. And the best part? It’s suitable for all ages, offering a variety of experiences, ranging from fast-paced action games to engaging adventures. 

Right now, there are 3 Game Titles available for QBIX: 

Astro Ryders

Sci-Fi Action and Puzzle Game

Fright Maze

Scary Adventure Dark-Ride Style Game


Skill-Based Game

The games last around 5 minutes, they are all different, and exciting and tackle different players’ abilities or preferences. QBIX is meant to draw guests in to try out all the available experiences.


2 More Games will be released by the end of 2023!


VR Without VR

If you don’t need VR headsets or other wearables, is QBIX really immersive? Yes! The combination of great graphics projected on the 3 walls inside QBIX, motion floor, wind blasts, and sound effects, make that possible.

Motion Floor & Wind Blasts

Each game features 5D effects that enhance immersion.

In other words, wind blasts, a vibrating floor, and haptic controller feedback, all work together to make guests feel part of the game. As players shoot or navigate through various obstacles, they can feel the haptics of the controller.

The wind blasts simulate the feeling of flying or rushing through a fast-paced environment. The moving floor adds an element of surprise and challenge as players navigate their way through different terrains. Players can actually feel the ground vibrate and the wind blows in their faces after Pack-A-Boom explosions or the AstroRyder crash landing.


Pack-a-Boom QBIX

High-Quality Graphics

The immersion is created through the visual effects on the 3 projected screens. The visual effects create a captivating environment where players are fully surrounded by the game world. Whether it’s the sensation of the entire environment in motion or the thrilling sight of drones and bombs flying toward them, the graphics transport players into a world where every moment feels real and intense.

Sound Effects

When creating immersion, QBIX goes beyond stunning visuals. The gameplay is also amplified by sound effects. Every sound is meticulously designed to heighten the excitement and engagement of the gameplay. From the thunderous roar of explosions to the subtle whispers of hidden clues, the sound effects in QBIX create a multisensory journey that immerses players


5D effects, captivating sounds, and stunning visuals create unforgettable experiences, transporting players to new realms and enhancing engagement.


Social Connection and Interactivity

The fact that QBIX does not require wearables is one of its unique features. 

Players can interact and see each other without the need for any special equipment other than a handheld controller. This eliminates barriers and distractions, making it easy to participate and enjoy the games. The games are designed to bring people together, encouraging collaboration, communication, and shared excitement among players. Guests high-five and see each other’s facial expressions, and reactions, fully engaging with each other during the games. 


QBIX Inowize


Group Fun

QBIX is focused on social gameplay. Through interactive gameplay mechanics and engaging challenges, QBIX creates an environment where players can connect, strategize, and celebrate victories together. Whether it’s working as a team to solve puzzles or competing against each other in friendly competition, QBIX ensures that social connection and interactivity are at the heart of the gaming experience.



One of the most important aspects of QBIX’s Games is that they have to be engaging, social and offer a fun experience for guests that can be played over and over again.

QBIX’s games offer immersive adventures and captivating experiences that transport guests to new realms. The 5D effects, captivating sounds, stunning visuals, and exciting gameplay work together seamlessly, creating a truly impactful journey. Playing QBIX’s games heighten the excitement, immerses guests in thrilling gameplay, and leaves them with unforgettable memories.

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