5 steps to Promote Your FEC like an Expert on Social Media

All of your guests use social media. And most of them checked your Family Entertainment Center’s Facebook Page. If you weren’t serious about your FEC Social Media Strategy before, the time is now. Welcoming people inside in the summertime is challenging. But, with a social media marketing strategy for your FEC, you can stay on top of their mind (and feelings) all seasons. Social networks prioritize content they think a user will like based on several factors.

Entertainment venue promovation
Entertainment venue promovation

Our 5 tips & tricks will help you to better understand the algorithms and shape a bold social media promotion strategy for your Family Entertainment Center:


Target your FEC Demographics with your posts

Your FEC caters to guests of all ages, however, you surely observe success with a key demographic or two.

The more you know about your demographics, the easier it is to set the audience for an FEC social media strategy.

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Observe as much as you can about them (at least location, age, and interests). Digital marketing allows you to promote your post to your target audience. For example, as a Facebook Business Page, you have access to the Meta Business Suite.

Let’s take an easy-to-follow example that can help you develop your customer personas for your FEC promotion strategy: a venue with an attraction mix made for children where b-day parties are the main revenue source.

The demographics for your FEC Social Media Strategy could look like this:


Social Media for FECs

James needs the parents’ approval to be your guest and organize a party at your venue.
He wants the best birthday party where his new friends can have a lot of fun.

Moreover, James is scared about the idea of a boring party.

If he has an amazing party, he could organize his next one at your location.
There is a chance to lose James as a customer if your attraction mix is old fashion and his friends could get bored.

You can reach James on Tiktok and Instagram.



Social Media for FECs


Mary has the last word in organizing her kid’s b-day party, but her children and other moms usually influence the decision.
She wants to give her child an awesome birthday party.

If the party succeeds, Mary will organize b-day parties for her kids at your venue for some years.

There is a chance to lose Mary as a customer if kids can get injured while playing.
Other moms’ opinions about the venue are a critical decision factor for her.

She is looking after an easy process.
You can reach her on Facebook (shares on moms’ communities), Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube Ads.

Moreover, Mary checks her email regularly.


Set goals for your FEC and create content based on them

Social media is an instrument, and you should use it to achieve your FEC business goals.

For example, if you want to increase the bookings for birthday parties (and grow your revenue), you can think about Mary’s buying stages, the customer persona described previously:

Decision recognition

Her son’s birthday is coming and she wants to celebrate him, but she is not sure how.

Gather information

Mary starts thinking about places where her kid had a good time and birthday parties where he was invited. In addition, she asks other moms about b-day party locations and searches the internet and social media for more info.

Evaluate & select

She has some options and starts to compare the offers.

Take action

Mary buys your b-day party package.


As a result, she brings her kids more often to your FEC and organizes more birthday parties for her kids at your venue.

Social Media for FECs

You can help Mary take a faster decision on every stage with the right content:

Social Media for FECs

When you want to help Mary move from:

  • 1. From decision recognition to the gather information phase, your goal is to make her aware of your venue and grow her interest in this type of party. For instance, post content about the Benefits of having a party in an FEC and with kids having fun at a b-day party at your venue.

  • 2. From gathering information to evaluate & select phase, your goal is to make her aware of your attractions, value proposition, and birthday package offer. Post content about your FEC attractions and b-day package. Remind yourself to answer the question: why are b-day parties unique in your venue?

  • 3. From evaluate & select to take action phase, your goal is to show her all the benefits. For example, post offers and promotions for b-day parties package, and testimonials.

  • 4. From the take action to loyalty phase, your goal is to repeatedly bring her back to your FEC. Ask her for a testimonial and review, send her special offers and promotions, and post updates and new attractions.

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