Technology Mixed with Creativity

Virtual Reality

VR Rides

Upgrade your rides / Implement immersive experiences / Thrill and amaze your visitors.

Have you heard? Virtual Reality is no longer a single user experience, it can be enjoyed simultaneously by a large number of visitors.

Our VR software platform, mixed with excellent 3D content, will transform classical rides into hi-tech marvels.

It's an amazing upgrade! VR attractions combine the physical effects of a normal ride with immersive virtual reality worlds, creating unique and exciting experiences.

That's not all, actually, things get even better. You can have different 3D content on the same ride and even add gesture based interactivity features.

Attract more visitors! Virtual rides have a huge novelty factor that will really draw in the crowds. VR technology can be implemented on: roller coasters, drop towers, pirate ships and simulators.


  • Synchronize multiple VR headsets.
  • Use different 3D content on the same virtual experience.
  • Synchronize 3D content with an actual theme park rides.
  • Wireless Virtual Reality headsets and preloaded content.
  • Limitless possibilities of content design.
  • Update or change the content periodically.
  • Highly immersive.
  • Extraordinary experience for visitors.
  • Huge novelty and wow factor.

Location Based VR

Take people on incredible adventures, allow them to discover amazing worlds and live out their fantasies.

We have combined a physical set with custom VR games, to create more thrilling and immersive virtual reality experiences. Our setup has a maze-like pattern, that allows us to design an infinite play area in a limited space.

The labyrinth provides users with a higher degree of full-body mobility through VR environments and it also enhances the feeling of exploration and engagement. As people make their way through the maze, they interact with different elements, solve puzzles, or battle enemies.

The immersive level is incredible, the labyrinth structure combined with very well-crafted 3D content and captivating stories, create astonishing experiences.

In terms of content design, the possibilities are endless, we can construct any type of world or adventure.


  • Custom maze sizes and pathways.
  • Higher degree of mobility and interaction.
  • Different adventures mapped on the same maze.
  • High end 3D content.
  • Limitless possibilities of content design.
  • Extraordinary immersive level.
  • Novelty and wow factor.
  • An amazing experience for guests.
  • Suitable for a large number of locations.

Custom VR Content and Experiences

Virtual Reality is a versatile technology, that can be used in sectors like: entertainment, education, marketing and healthcare.

Our expertise with virtual reality systems and our capability of producing excellent content, help us develop customized VR experiences for various projects and locations.

We have brought together a team of very talented artists and software engineers, to help create high quality material for any type of VR experience.

Contact us and discover how you can implement VR technology in your projects.

Augmented Reality

We engineer amazing experiences, in order to collect and preserve precious moments of pure joy.

Augmented Reality Live Broadcast

Imagine someone looking at a giant screen and suddenly seeing themselves surrounded by fairytale characters, or sitting next to their favorite superhero, even being chased by wild animals, zombies or aliens.

Our system captures and streams live video, displays it on a huge screen and adds the virtual characters to the footage. Visitors see themselves among these virtual personas and can even interact with them.

The hole experience can be photographed or recorded, so it can be turned into a great souvenir.

Augmented Reality Wardrobe

Let's play dress up, the high-tech way! We can get people to wear, in real time, any imaginable type of virtual costume.

It's quite astounding to see yourself turning into a famous cartoon or movie character, a brave knight or a scary monster, a daring astronaut or a beautiful princess.

As functionality goes, the system is very simple to use. People stand in front of a display, which has a motion sensor attached, choose a set of clothes and get dressed right away. The device also picks up on gestures, so the costume mimics any movements made by the user.

The application can store multiple costumes and it's equipped with a camera that takes photos or short movies, in order to turn them into souvenirs.

Augmented Reality Teleport

How about sending people on a virtual trip to anywhere, wherever they want to go, real or imaginary. Just think, it can be a famous city, a fantasy world, a popular movie setting, a place back or forth in time, the possibilities are endless.

After choosing an environment, we design it in 2D or 3D and put it up on a big display. As people stand in front of the screen, their image is instantly cropped and added to the setting we created.

This system is also very versatile in terms of customization. We can animate the environment, or its elements, add different characters and even small games. The device is suitable for any location and the photos it takes, make for delightful memories.


  • WOW factor for Visitors
  • Added location value
  • Customizable content
  • Souvenirs + Fun
  • Easily replaceable content
  • Social Media & E-mail features
  • Strong technical support

Interactive Experiences

Captivate your audience! Interactive experiences give you the power to engage and entertain your visitors, to share heartfelt smiles and forge precious memories.

We combine the latest technologies with innovative ways of communication and well-crafted content, in order to create amazing interactive installations.

We design experiences for any location, transform regular spaces into fully immersive areas and turn passive visitors into highly involved guests. Hallways, rooms, walls, furniture, objects, they can all be turned into amazing guest experiences.

Encourage your guests to play and have fun, enhance discovery and education, dial down the boredom in those long waiting lines, create personalized souvenirs and so much more.

What suits you? Let us engineer for you multi-sensory experiences, that will deeply involve and excite the public. We use and mix technologies like:

  • gesture based installations
  • interactive game systems
  • holographic projections
  • 3D projection mapping

Content Design

Mind your graphics! The success of any interactive experience is directly connected to the quality of its content. Basically, the way things look is going to dictate the overall feel and the immersive level of your final product.

Trust us with your vision! We’ve got a wild imagination, there are practically no limits when it comes to storytelling or designing different types of worlds and adventures.

Hit the refresh button on your projects! You don't have to replace a whole ride or attraction, maybe you just need to change the graphic content and add some new features.

We have the skills! Our team of illustrators and 3D artists create high quality content for interactive experiences, virtual and augmented reality, games, clips, movies and animations.

Get a slice or the full package! We can take care of a project from A to Z or just do certain parts of it. Our services include: concept and design, narratives, modeling, game development and integration.

Tell us your plans! If you are in need of well-designed content for your projects, we can help you with:

  • concept art
  • character design
  • 2D illustration
  • 2D animation
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D animation
  • custom 3D content for theme park rides, games, applications and movies