QBIX: the Newest 6-Player Unattended Interactive Attraction!

We are thrilled to introduce QBIX – the newest 6-player unattended attraction! Entertainment Venues can offer their guests a memorable experience through engaging 5-8 minutes games in a very small footprint: only a 13 ft x 13 ft cube!

QBIX Portal of Fun

It only takes 3 interactive screens, 1 controller per player, and the fun begins! Plus, enticing gameplay, wind blasts, and the motion floor inside the QBIX Portal are elements that create a unique attraction. The entire experience is achieved without adding unnecessary or uncomfortable accessories! No straps, no wires, no headsets, and no operator needed!


Step Into The Portal of Interactive Play!

Imagine what it would be like if you could just step into a portal and teleport yourself into an epic story world of fun. With motion floors, wind effects, and thrilling sounds, QBIX offers guests a complete group experience with fun high-quality 3D games.

After creating Virtual Reality Experiences for over a decade and seeing how Arkadia 6-Player VR Arena impacted the FEC segment in the last 5 years, we decided to expand our product range.

Claudia Mihalache, CEO at Inowize.

Our products and projects have always used cutting-edge technology, so we’ve explored many ways to immerse guests in experiences and games. However, our mission at Inowize is to create attractions that lift the spirits, get pulses racing and create a one-of-a-kind memory for the players.

When developing QBIX – The Portal of Fun we applied all we knew from working with Virtual Reality and actively considered the needs of the operators in the field. That’s how we came up with an attraction that is attendant-free, multi-player, interactive, and overall fun to play.


The Games Inside QBIX

No game is the same which allows diversity for a wide demographic. However, the games can also be enjoyed by an individual player!

We focused a lot on the game experience when developing QBIX. We wanted to have the same immersion level playershave with VR – that’s why the games are 3D and use high-quality graphics.

Claudia Mihalache, CEO at Inowize.

Being completely unattended, each player is walked through how the game is played, with added elements that increase the guest experience such as a self-serving intuitive kiosk. We didn’t want operators to worry about breakable items or staff requirements while maintaining our focus on creating an interactive and intuitive group experience for each player

Attendant Free!

The Self-Serving Kiosk lets guests select and start their gameswith just a card swipe.

Wind Effect and Motion Floor!

Complete captivating experience due to the use of haptics! QBIX offers guests a complete group experience with fun high-quality 3D games.

No Wearables Needed!

No breakable items! Guests are using only 1 hand-held controller which becomes the key to the experience!


The Demand For QBIX is Already Showing

No game is the same which allows diversity for a wide demographic. However, the games can also be enjoyed by an individual player!

This product is extremely exciting for Entertainment Venues. There’s a lot of value in an Unattended 6-Player Attraction, especially with such an efficient footprint. Our forecasting shows that with the estimated gross revenue per year, operators can get ROI in as fast as 6 months!

Stefan Murariu, Business Development Manager at Inowize

The first 8 QBIX Units will be installed by the end of October in an Entertainment Venue, proving that the market is ready for such attendant-free experiences.

“We are looking forward to demo QBIX at IAAPA this November and we’re sure it’ll be a complete success”, added Stefan Murariu, Business Development Manager at Inowize.


How Does QBIX Work?

The QBIX Portal offers guests a complete experience with state-of-the-art technology, such as Augmented Reality, Interactive Screens, and Haptics. The 3 walls inside QBIX invite players to enjoy their fully engaging experience with their friends and family! Pre-Orders Now Available!

Inowize will also be officially launching the product at IAAPA Expo Orlando 2022! Book a Demo to test QBIX for yourself! Meet Inowize at Booth #3473 to try out QBIX – the 6-Player Unattended Attraction!

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