QBIX Gains Global Presence With Installations in Entertainment Venues

We are excited to announce the global expansion for QBIX.

QBIX is an interactive game cube that brings people together through immersive gaming experiences, without the need for VR headsets or heavy wearables. Using projector screens and 5D effects, such as motion floor and wind blasts, QBIX transports players into action-packed adventures that are both thrilling and fully immersive.

Check out the QBIX Locations below:

QBIX Portal of Fun

The success and growing popularity of QBIX has attracted the attention of entertainment venues worldwide. As a result, QBIX has recently been installed in three prominent locations: All Star Lanes White City in London, United Kingdom; Xplore in Port Jefferson, New York; and Grand Adventure in Weatherford, Texas.



All Star Lanes White City, London, United Kingdom

QBIX All Stars Lanes White City

Renowned for its retro bowling lanes, cocktail bars, and American comfort food, All Star Lanes White City has taken its socialtainment experience to new heights with the introduction of QBIX. 

The multiplayer attraction creates a shared immersive experience where friends, families, and party-goers can embark on thrilling and interactive games. With 5-minute games that are action-packed and fully immersive, QBIX brings people together through fun games, vibrating floors, and exhilarating blasts of wind.



Xplore, Port Jefferson, New York, United States:

Xplore has always been a haven for kids, offering a diverse range of attractions such as inflatables, playgrounds, arcades, and toddler play areas. With the addition of QBIX, Xplore Port Jefferson has elevated its entertainment offering through immersive and interactive multiplayer games.

QBIX provides new and immersive games that perfectly complement Xplore’s existing climbing walls, ropes courses, soft play areas, and over 30 thrilling arcade games. 

The attraction caters to both kids and families, offering a unique gaming experience that’s easy to play and understand.


Grand Adventure, Texas, United States

Grand Adventure, an indoor and outdoor entertainment destination in Weatherford, Texas, has recently added QBIX as part of its attraction mix to enrich its lineup of thrilling attractions. 

Whether guests are go-karting, playing mini-golf, or playing Arkadia VR Arena, QBIX adds a new dimension of fun and entertainment to their experience.



QBIX Impact & Global Expansion

We are thrilled to see QBIX gaining momentum worldwide and being embraced by entertainment venues such as All Stars Lanes White City, Xplore, and Grand Adventure. QBIX provides a unique and immersive gaming experience that brings people together and delivers hours of excitement. We are confident that QBIX will continue to exceed expectations and become a beloved attraction for entertainment venues around the world

Stefan Murariu, Business Development Manager

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