Inowize & The VR Collective Announce New Agreement

Inowize announces they’ve executed an agreement appointing The VR Collective as the exclusive sales agent for its QBIX and Arkadia Unattended immersive entertainment systems in North America.


About QBIX

QBIX is a six-player attendant-free immersive gaming system in a compact, turnkey box. It features 270 degrees of high-resolution projectors coupled with haptic floor and wind effects. Inowize incorporates HTC VIVE VR controllers and lighthouse tracking cameras for full-body interactive gaming without the friction of VR headsets. Players compete and cooperate across a library of shoulder-to-shoulder games designed to appeal to the entire family.

“QBIX is the product the FEC market has been asking for,” commented VR Collective founder Bob Cooney. “It’s the most compact 6-player immersive attraction on the market. It’s also incredibly social, offering the shoulder-to-shoulder play people love in short and exciting games. Operators are still struggling with labor shortages and floor and technical staff costs and QBIX eliminates all the operational challenges of virtual reality attractions while delivering a highly immersive social experience.”, added Cooney.


Arkadia Unattended Cabinet

The Arkadia Unattended Cabinet is a multiplayer virtual reality arcade gaming platform. It leverages the vast gaming library from Inowize’s attended Arkadia system into a new compact, automated arcade cabinet that fits into any FEC. Arkadia Unattended features the HTC VIVE Pro VR headset with 5K video resolution for an ultra-realistic gaming experience. With a diverse array of games, the VR system creates a genuine multiplayer gaming experience, allowing players to interact and engage with each other in the virtual world.


“Bob Cooney is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in the VR industry,” said Claudia Mihalache, Co-founder at Inowize. “The VR Collective offers the platform to emphasize our unique value to the FEC market. Operators can trust that they’re accessing top-notch recommendations for their business, and we firmly believe that QBIX and Arkadia VR Cabinet will soon be recognized as standard offerings in FECs across North America. Inowize remains fully committed to supporting operators, ensuring top-tier content and 24/7 support for all our valued clients, both existing and prospective.”, added Mihalache.

The VR Collective

The VR Collective is the go-to-market engine for category-leading, innovative, location-based VR and immersive entertainment products. From product strategy and marketing to distribution, sales, and business development, the VR Collective assists company management in every aspect of go-to-market strategy. This strategic approach has launched multiple category-leading location-based VR products.

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