Arkadia VR Arena Installed at TidoSweden

This month has definitely been an eventful one and we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve installed a 6-Player Arkadia VR Arena at TidoSweden, Stockholm!

Tido Arkadia VR Arena
Tido Arkadia VR Arena

The center had its grand opening on the 25th of November and people are enjoying all the VR experiences with Arkadia. As they opted for a 6 Player Unit, their customers can enjoy a variety of experiences (both Player versus Player and Player versus Experience).

Things are taking a positive turn for the Location-Based VR Industry! This accomplishment is proof there is a desire for people to come and have fun playing VR out of their homes!


Arkadia VR Arena at Tido

You are constantly updating Arkadia with updates and features, and if you want to be the best in class, Arkadia is the best choice!”

Sara Strömgren, CEO of TidoSweden

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