NEW QBIX Installation at Pillow’s Funtrackers!

Pillow’s Funtrackers, located in the picturesque village of Ruidoso, New Mexico, is a family-friendly Entertainment Center that offers an array of exciting activities to guests. From go-kart racing, mini-golf and Arkadia VR Arena to bumper cars and gemstone panning, there’s something for everyone at this FEC. And now, they’ve added a new attraction to their already impressive lineup – QBIX!

QBIX installed at Pillows Funtrackers

New Installation of QBIX in North America

QBIX, the unattended multiplayer attraction, has taken the amusement industry by storm since its debut. It’s a unique blend of virtual reality gaming and traditional arcade-style competition, all without the need for a VR headset. Players are transported into a gamified world where they can compete against each other in a variety of exciting games and challenges.


Multiplayer Fun

What is highly appreciated about QBIX amongst operators is that it’s an attraction that can accommodate up to 6 players at once!


QBIX immersive game installed at Pillow Funtrackers

Social Connection

With the installation of QBIX at Pillow’s Funtrackers, visitors can now experience the social connection and high-throughput gameplay that comes with this cutting-edge technology. The competitive socializing and fast-paced action of QBIX make it a perfect addition to the Venue’s attractions, offering an immersive gaming experience that guests won’t soon forget.


QBIX installation in a family entertainment center

Extensive Game Library

QBIX is more than just a thrilling attraction – it’s also a great way for Pillow’s Funtrackers to increase their revenue and attract new customers. With its high-throughput capabilities, multiple gameplay options, and compact size, QBIX is a versatile and profitable addition to any entertainment venue. It’s the perfect fit for Pillow’s Funtrackers, as they continue to expand and innovate to offer visitors the best possible experience.


QBIX Unattended Games

It’s been a hit with our guests since the day it was installed!. We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance our visitors’ experiences, and QBIX is definitely delivering on that front.”- Tyson Whittle, Owner of Pillow’s Funtrackers

Learn More About QBIX!

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