Royal Medieval Fortress

We love museums, the adventure of history, the knowledge and pride we get from our heritage, the beauty and intricacy of art. We believe in a continuous rediscovery of museums, by reshaping exhibits to provide a more immersive experience for the public.

In the Medieval Ages, the Royal Fortress of Suceava played an important role both from a defensive and strategic point of view. Keeping this in mind, we created an exhibit concept that held on to the historical destination of the stronghold. We’ve put together an exhibition that illustrates the military character of the location, certain medieval customs, and also presents the citadel’s history throughout the ages.

To better represent our immersive concept and to bring a higher note of authenticity to the fortress, all the replicas that we created for this location were handmade by a large number of artists and craftsmen. We displayed an impressive arsenal of arms and armors, siege weapons, cannons, garments, jewelry, ceramics, and furniture.

A proper medieval fortress needs an adequate garrison, so we inhabited the stronghold with royal figures, a dozen fearsome warriors, and skillful blacksmiths. We took great care in creating facial expressions, adding different features, and grooming them to look very life-like. We were also able to put into play certain activities from those times: guard duty, crafting, dining, and games.

The visitors are welcomed by Virtual Guides, placed in three rooms, that tell short stories about the fort’s history, important figures of the time, and medieval customs. The Virtual Guide system is accompanied by the Fortress’s Chronicle, an illustrated and animated projection that shows key moments from the citadel’s history and the wars that have been fought here.

A detailed account of 15th century Moldavia, as it was described by foreign travelers, is captured in the Interactive Book. Various aspects about day to day life in medieval times are highlighted in over fifty pages that are hand illustrated, animated and accompanied by sound effects.

Learning and discovering new and unique things were our main goals for this exhibition, but we also wanted to add a little bit of fun to the tour. So, by means of augmented reality, the guests can try on several medieval garments. For example, they can get dresses, in real-time, as a knight, a nobleman, or a lady of the court. More to the fun factor, we also added a mobile siege game, in case anyone wants to conquer the fortress.

The Royal Fortress of Suceva is powered by its own history, it lives through it. The exhibit and the interactive systems tell this history very well and they offer visitors a wonderful and unique experience.