What kind of fun do today’s guests look for in an FEC?

Operating an FEC is the fastest way to observe changes in preferences driven by trends in guests’ behavior. Millennials are now looking for increasingly relevant experiences. Generation Z has a shrinking attention span and the Alpha Gen is becoming more and more important to FEC’s demographics.

FEC Attractions
FEC Attractions

In the article below, based on the changing behavior of the LBE industry’s most important demographics, we’ve answered the question of what guests want to play in an FEC today and why.


Immersive attractions that reach the level of technology the Alpha Gen is used to

Gen Alpha, which includes children born from 2010 onwards, hasn’t just grown up with technology. They’ve been completely immersed in it since birth. These kids, the biggest Roblox fans (an immersive platform where users can create their own games and play with friends), are comfortable talking to voice assistants and swiping smartphones in their formative years.


Attractions that don’t use voice prompts and responsive technologies can lose ground to Gen Alpha. 

They are the children of millennials. So reaching Gen Alpha often means convincing a millennial mom that your center can provide a relevant experience for her child. And with the right attraction mix it’s a piece of cake, as Gen Alpha parents are 19% more likely than typical parents to agree that “it’s good for parents to give children more things than they ever had”.

So, what kind of mix of attractions do you need to attract millennial parents with alpha children?

Attractions that make use of audio communication

There may be some concern about the Alpha generation’s reduced attention span due to screen habits, but the one thing that will hold their attention is audio. The alpha generation will be more engaged when the attraction provides explanations and audio feedback.

Attractions that make it possible for parents to share the experience with their children

The key for doing this is in the gameplay. Choose attractions with easy game content so it’s accessible to the little ones but difficult to master so that it challenges the grown-ups. Whether it’s Laser Tag, bumper cars, or immersive attractions, when parents can get involved with their little ones instead of just watching, the experience is truly unique for both parties.

Add attractions that use cutting-edge technologies in your attraction-mix

Gen Alpha sees technology as essential to everyday life, no matter in which aspect: education, play or entertainment involves tech. It is a natural fit for them in entertainment centers, and attractions that use technology at a low level can be disappointing.

When designing QBIX, the latest unattended multiplayer game for entertainment venues, one of our main focuses was to make it fun for guests of all ages and abilities, from families, kids, and teens. Thus, up to six guests can explore virtual worlds, solve puzzles and compete with family and friends in real time.

FEC Guests


From the moment guests see the attraction, they are greeted by a personalized, interactive self-service kiosk that guides them through the experience. Guests are onboarded on the gameplay by the main QBIX games characters with clear audio and visual explanations.

Download the QBIX brochure to learn more!


Interactive attractions tailored to Gen Z's attention span

Born between 1997 and 2012, Generation Z is between the ages of 11 and 26. This generation has the potential to boost your FEC’s revenues by being the largest generation in American history, comprising 27% of the US population. To reach Gen Z, understand their world. Gen Z are the tech natives with an 8-second attention span that choose TikTok over YouTube, and have high expectations from any experience they try.

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Remember, they grew up in a world where possibilities are endless, but time is not.

So how do you get the attention of Gen Z guests?

Immerse them beyond any home technology

One way to bring in the Gen Z demographic is to offer them experiences that are hard to replicate at home. In short they are avid video gamers. Gaming allows them to express, immerse, connect and relax. That’s why Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite are the biggest hits with Gen Z. Immersive attractions can add significant value to your attraction mix by taking the video game experience to a whole new level.

Get attractions that ease fun group and human connection in your attraction mix

Yes, Gen Z are hardcore arcade players, but with attractions that encourage group fun, you’ll complete their experience. In their hyper-digital lives, Gen Z often seeks community and a sense of belonging. That’s why you’ll find them in groups with their friends in the entertainment centers. Sharing the experience with others is a huge advantage for their fulfillment.

QBIX is an immersive experience that uses no equipment except a hand-held controller. The lack of VR goggles or other wearables facilitates group fun. Players can see each other’s expressions when the motion floor simulates an earthquake or a spacecraft crash and high-five when finishing a team puzzle.

Add eye-catching attractions in your FEC

When entering an FEC, Gen Z quickly scans the options. Therefore there’s a good chance to pass by attractions that aren’t eye-catching. The effect of Tik-Tok acclimates them to short video content.

With bold show lights, video attracts modes, and excellent graphic quality, you can captivate their eyes and minds.

All in all, attractions that use technology tailored to your guests will bring their experience to a new level of entertainment.

QBIX is a trend-based attraction that follows the latest guest behaviors. Have a look at this article from Vending Times about how this unattended game has adapted to the latest technology trends popular in the LBE industry.

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