Family Entertainment Center 101 eBook

Learn practical tips on how to elevate your business through demographics, attraction mix, and an effective venue design.

By reading this eBook you will learn:

1 Why demographics matter and how to know who to target and why.
2 Types of demographics and how to appeal to each one.
3 The golden rules of having a successful attraction mix.
4 How to create an attraction mix for your targeted demographic.
5 Tips on pricing your attractions.
6 How to design your facility for growth and revenue.

Everything you need to know about the development of a successful FEC… all compiled in one resource!

Whether you’re just starting in the Location-Based Entertainment Industry or you’ve been part of it for a while, there are always the Big 3’s that keep popping up all of the time:

Demographics, Attraction Mix, and the Design of your entertainment venue. Although there are many resources on the market, only a few are able to connect the information chronologically and work as a guide for each operator.

This eBook covers all the key elements that you might be looking for in regards to a Family Entertainment Center.

And because we believe in the power of proof and success stories as being one of the greatest ways to learn, this eBook has plenty of real-life examples and insights from experts, only to help you navigate the industry like a pro!