The Clock Museum

The Clock Museum is a lovely exhibition, set inside an old mansion, located in the center of Ploiesti. It is a very important establishment, as it holds over 4000 unique and rare items like old astronomical clocks or watches that belonged to important personalities.

We were asked to help modernize this exhibition and to make it more appealing to guests. In order to do so, we designed four interactive installations: a large multimedia projection, a multi-touch table, a sliding monitor system, and a charming talking statue.

The original owner of the mansion hosted the first New Year’s celebration in Romania and also started The Clock Museum. To showcase these events and to honor the founder, we created a short narrative, by combining acting scenes with 2D animations and 3D graphics. We turned this movie into a very elaborate projection and mapped it on a wall and a few surrounding objects. Our goal was to showcase key events that took place inside the manor and to illustrate the passage of time in Ploiesti, during the owner’s life.

The multi-touch table was designed to serve as a versatile learning tool. It has an animated interface and it allows multiple users to easily navigate through images and various content. Visitors can discover import facts about the history of clocks, the items being displayed in the museum, and about the building that hosts the exhibit.

The slider system is an absolutely charming installation, engineered to demonstrate how four old musical devices operate. Guests have to slide a tablet along a railing track, as they reach one of the vintage instruments, the tablet plays a specific tune and displays a video, that shows the functioning mechanism of that music box.

After finishing our work at the Clock Museum, we have received a lot of positive feedback from different stakeholders. So, it is our belief that we helped make this exhibition an even more delightful place to visit and discover.