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Split Pine – How Axe Throwing Mixes with Virtual Reality

More than just throwing axes and more than just a VR Game. That’s what Split Pine is all about. Located in Allentown Pennsylvania, it’s a place where group entertainment makes some real difference!

Split Pine Arkadia VR Arena
Split Pine Arkadia VR Arena

This case study aims to tell you the story of Split Pine – the why’s and how’s in creating an entertainment venue concept that combines the exciting axe throwing with Virtual Reality.


Meet Split Pine

Split Pine offers a safe and secure place to throw sharp objects at high speeds. But it’s more than that. The concept of Axe Throwing is a new and exciting form of entertainment where real determination and focus play a big part!

The Entertainment Venue allows you to bring your own beverage during throws, so between throws, you can drink beer or wine. There’s also a lodge-themed lounge and of course, the Virtual Reality component that makes it a great and engaging activity for groups!

In general, axe throwing is gaining some momentum. It’s a group activity and can be enjoyed by everybody: from people who are athletic to those who just want to give it a try.”

Dan Garcia, owner, and ‘axepert’ at SplitPine

Fun and Competitive Socializing

When it comes to an entertainment venue’s concept, it all started from the passion and drive to ‘genuinely help people have fun’. “I make a wholehearted attempt to onboard people.”, said Dan, owner of SplitPine.

At the moment, Split Pine offers 2 main activities: exciting axe throwing and Arkadia Virtual Reality Arena. They both go hand-in-hand together, as they’re fun, engaging, and an awesome group activity.

The learning curve is pretty easy, however, the competition steps up pretty fast.”

When asked why the venue’s concept mainly relies on this seemingly dangerous activity, we quickly understood how important is for people to have fun with their group. It’s actually an incredibly safe – and fun – way to spend an evening if it’s in a controlled environment with an ‘axepert’ guiding you through the experience.

Although axe throwing may seem like a pretty straightforward activity, many places show you the lane, give you the ax and let you enjoy the experience. However, Split Pine is more than that, as they are keen on giving an outstanding experience for anybody that comes through their doors.


The Experience Personalization in Axe Throwing

The guests are calling it. With over 200+ 5 star reviews in just a year of operations, Split Pine is amazing when it comes to customer onboarding and personalization. Dan thoroughly explained that no group is the same, nobody throws the same, and that’s perfectly great. Everyone at Split Pine is dedicated to creating a seamless guest experience, from the moment they enter their venue until they leave.

All these guests’ feedback is very important for obvious reasons. People love getting in and trying out Axe-throwing and VR because their experience is personalized, genuine, and unique for each one of the groups.

We do axe throwing with a meaning behind.”

Dan Garcia, owner at Split Pine

Main Objectives

In addition to being personal, genuine, and exciting, Split Pine also offers a competitive element. You can bring your own beverage, hang out with your friends, try out axe throwing for the first time and mix it well with Virtual Reality.

These are some of the pillars Dan and the team had in mind when creating the concept behind Split Pine:

Give people exclusive experiences they cannot do at home

Useful Personalized experience with onboarding in each activity

Very social attractions focused on group entertainment

Friends, beverages, sharp objects, immersive attractions. What else is there to ask?

High-energy atmosphere while axe throwing

A cozy place to have some genuine fun


How Axe Throwing Fits with Virtual Reality and Why

Although at first glance it may seem that Axe Throwing and VR may not have so much in common, there are many similarities. For starters, they’re both social activities. Groups come in and have fun together – one in a whole new immersive set-up and one in a “dangerous” environment.

I’ve been looking for new ways to innovate our facility. We always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to entertainment in our area. And as it was with axe throwing, we kept looking for innovative attractions to add to the facility. That’s why we chose Arkadia VR Arena.

Dan Garcia, owner at Split Pine

Arkadia is a Virtual Reality Arena that combines the social VR experience with a highly profitable footprint and features, such as the multiple game option. It features a 6 Player VR Arena that provides guests with a high-energy atmosphere and premium games.

I like Arkadia’s set-up, the variation of games that Arkadia has, as well as the onboarding experience. The quality of the games was something that I was taken into consideration. The VR experience was seamless. Very fun for all guests.

Dan Garcia, owner of Split Pine

Case Study Highlights

Social experience: Axe Throwing combined with a Virtual Reality Experience: both very engaging and fun.

Virtual Reality is becoming an essential part of the attraction mix.

Split Pine Allentown focuses on personalization and guests’ onboarding in both activities.

Arkadia 6-Player Virtual Reality Arena is a foot-efficient attraction that draws in guests.

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