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How Tido Enhances Guest Experience With Arkadia VR Arena

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Meet Tido

Based in one of Stockholm’s premium malls, Tido is an entertainment venue of 535 sqm (5758 ft), that mixes high-quality food & beverage in a top-of-the-line menu crafted by a MasterChef. They offer premium tech-entertainment experiences, such as VR racing, Augmented Reality climbing walls, arcade games, and Arkadia VR Arena, which works as an anchor attraction for the venue.





A primary goal of Tido is to engage the guests in something new, fun, and social, to be a venue to visit over and over again with family, friends, and colleagues. To fit the demographics of the mall, Tido needed to elevate the concept of an entertainment venue and create a venue that combines great food and drink offerings while fully utilized VR as a booster to bring people together and become a unique social venue.

Tido was designed to make sure that the three corner offerings, Eat, Drink and Play, stand by themselves. Customers should be able to come to Tido, have a drink, and be very happy about that experience.



Based on prior knowledge, the Tido team knows that the three corner offerings will pollinate each other, you come to play and stay to eat, or you come by to eat lunch and come back to eat, drink and play with a group of friends.

Guests may seem to have paradoxical reactions to new concepts, especially when it comes to entertainment and spending their money. On one hand, they can be cautious about trying something unfamiliar, that they’ve never had contact with – such as VR. On the other hand, they are curious and have shown a tendency to be rather bored of the same things that can be done in an entertainment venue.”

Tido wanted to offer something new to their guests with this concept. It was about experience and shareability. They focused their intention on creating a deeper emotion through all the attractions that interconnect and take guests on a journey rather than offering a singular experience.

We know from experience that when you combine state of the art entertainment, providing truly new and unique experiences, with top quality food and beverages you will be able to provide a memorable experience that actually helps groups of people to have a great time and actually work better together after visiting us, this is what Tido is about”


Main Objectives

Tido was actively looking for attractions that can enhance the guest experience and the social factor. They were looking for active, multi-player, and competitive attractions that can draw guests in. But that wasn’t all. They were actively aiming at offering a high-end, new experience to their guests. Although many businesses use bowling or laser tag as their anchor attraction, Tido focused its attention on technologies that have a proven track record and are completely interactive and extend the guest experience to new levels. That’s why they chose VR.

It checked all the boxes for us. A Virtual Reality Arena was the best fit as our anchor attraction.”

By introducing these attractions, they were aiming at connecting people in a shared, unique moment. From the moment they step foot into their facility, they can enjoy their time with friends and family by having meaningful experiences.

With VR, you put people in a space and time that brings up a stronger emotion than any other attraction, making them perceive your entertainment venue as new and exciting. Virtual Reality Attractions strengthen the guest experience because you are getting notable emotional stimulation and response through the VR games, incomparable to what people can experience via at-home entertainment. That is why we chose Arkadia VR Arena to be our anchor attraction. And we are very happy with this choice as it offers exactly what we expected and above: highly competitive social VR factor, great games that cannot be experienced via in-home entertainment, and no operational hassle.”

Sara Strömgren, CEO Tido

Tido wanted to adapt to the new trend of the experience economy, and they came up with a plan of combining anchor attractions with secondary attractions that will immerse the guests into a story.


When looking for the right attractions that would fit their concept, Tido had the following objectives:

Attractions that guests cannot experience at home

Things have to be new and competitive

Very social attractions, multi-player only

Customer-centered solutions that are immersive

High-energy atmosphere

Easy to operate and update



How Arkadia and Virtual Reality Attractions Enhance the Social Experience

Virtual Reality, as a technology, is enhancing deeper and long-lasting experiences between people. “It’s a great way to introduce people to new technology and have a good time while doing it. Instead of focusing on the games that are played, people want a shared experience, something that can be done together, and if it can be done while transporting them into a new world, that’s a success.”

Arkadia VR Arena is a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds: immersive gameplay and the social VR experience. It features a 6 Player VR Arena that provides guests with a high-energy atmosphere and premium games.

We wanted something that will make people excited to come back for more. We chose to create a concept where we mainly focus on immersive technology because, after years of experience working with immersive entertainment, we know that we can elevate the guests’ experience only by doing this. Instead of watching the stories play out, they live them through Arkadia VR. The uniqueness of the entire experience is what creates memorability and enhances the guest experience.”

Sara Strömgren, CEO Tido

Guests love the concept of Tido, especially after they understand the way the center works: people come in to enjoy interactive multiplayer games while enjoying high-quality food and drinks. Since opening their location, Tido has a 5 Star rating on Google, which shows that people love the concept and this combination of eat, drink and play.


Case Study Highlights

Elevated concept of a Family Entertainment Center: state-of-the-art entertainment, that provides new and unique experiences, combined with top quality food and beverages.

Focus on experience and shareability through the mix of attractions that cannot be experienced via at-home entertainment.

The concept mainly focuses on immersive technologies.

Arkadia- 6-Player Virtual Reality Arena as the anchor attraction.

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