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How Altitude 1291 Created a Unique Entertainment Venue Concept


Meet Andy’s Altitude 1291

Altitude 1291 is an Entertainment Venue committed to elevating all of the fun, excitement, and entertainment possibilities for people from Midwest City Oklahoma, and beyond!


The story behind their name and concept is that it’s elevated from 1291ft. This isn’t just part of their name, but an inspiration for their business and everything they do. Their location near Tinker Air Force Base, which sits at 1291 feet, to their high standards of service and satisfaction. Altitude 1291 ensures that every customer has a smooth landing in terms of their experience at the facility.

Andy’s Altitude 1291 is a cutting-edge modern venue It combines the traditional anchor attractions, such as bowling with more elevated high-technology attractions, such as Virtual Reality and AR Climbing walls, and a full-service restaurant.

This case study aims to tell the story of the location – from idea, concept, demographics, the mix of attractions, and other key elements that make Altitude 1291 a unique Entertainment Venue.


The Entertainment Venue’s Concept

The Family Entertainment Center industry is all about putting your heart and soul in every step of the process and it requires a lot of research. It’s all about perseverance and that particular personal touch that innovates an entire concept and entertainment venue.

It’s always about innovating and looking for the next big thing, right? That’s the key right now in this current market. Not being a traditionalist, and being bold, understanding what your customers need, while being invested in every aspect of your business.

This is what Kyle Allison, the owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291 had in mind when he decided to open the facility.

The secret sauce, at first, let’s say, is passion, drive, and determination”

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

Bowling is the main attraction for Altitude but the goal was to take this further. The facility moved away from the cookie-cutter concept for a bowling center. The 12 lane bowling arena comes with huge AV screens that enhance the guest experience and give off a high-tech vibe to the entire venue.

By adding a dynamic 2 floor Laser Tag Arena, an Arcade filled with the most popular games out there, full tech attractions, and an amazing experience when it comes to Food and Bev, Allison and his team created a unique entertainment venue in Midwest City.



Altitude 1291 wanted to take this original concept, which may still be successful for some businesses, and put their unique spin on it. One of the unique things was adding a bumper cars arena, which you don’t see very often in bowling centers. This idea works wonders and it goes as a statement for their vision and futuristic direction.

We wanted to have this cutting-edge modern facility.”

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

Altitude took a very strategic approach with their facility. For instance, adding a different touch to every attraction led to adding a lot of technology: Virtual Reality Arena, AR Climbing Wall, and so on.

People love the staples, that’s already known by everyone… However, we wanted to add something unique to the rest of the attractions that make our center stand out, and customers will want to come and see what it’s all about. The uniqueness is what brings in guests. And it’s not entirely about the attractions. When we opened the facility we took this approach on food as well. Guests will ask themselves What is unique about this place that I want to go eat at their bowling center that I can’t get anywhere else?’ 

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

Impact on the Guests and Attraction Mix

The reasoning behind opening a facility with bowling as the main attraction was to bring families together. Thus, the main attractions were revolving around those authentic family-fun activities that can be done between multiple guests.

Bowling is a family activity and it’s great! It gives you a 1-hour time period at a lane to enjoy quality time while having food and drinks in your bubble”

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

Although bowling is Altitude’s anchor attraction, they only have 12 lanes. They didn’t want to use the entire square footage mainly on bowling. This means that the rest of the attractions can be enjoyed while waiting to get a lane or right after the bowling experience.

In a traditional bowling center, people get there and they see there is a waiting line, and they leave. Guests don’t want to wait. But when you give them some other attractions they can enjoy, like bumper cars, VR, or laser tag, they’re going to stick around and wait. I think that’s a very important component.”

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

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Altitude 1291


The modern cutting-edge design is meant to target a broad audience and have them enjoy the experience to the fullest.


Altitude 1291

We wanted to design an entertainment venue that would invite a lot of the parents and the young adults. It was about creating an environment that targets adults and young adults, especially those with families.”

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

The “All Access Pass” Model

“Bundles are very popular at Altitude 1291. For one price you can do all the attractions unlimitedly without the arcade games. Thus, guests pay a premium price that allows them to play all day. This is great for those who want to combine bowling with other cutting-edge attractions.”, adds Allison


How Arkadia VR Fits in The Concept

When it came to adding high-technology attractions, they chose a mix of staple attractions that they knew people will enjoy and mixed it up with VR and AR.

For Virtual Reality, they went with Arkadia 4 Player-VR Arena because it fits perfectly as the best choice to draw in a different demographic and offer a unique experience for this region in the US, different from anything else found in the local area. The space requirements and the custom-made design made it the perfect fit.

They decided to add a VR Arena to immerse guests in a new world. Altitude 1291 wanted an attraction that doesn’t take a lot of space and has that draw-in factor.

It made complete sense for us to integrate a Virtual Reality Arena in our center. It’s a footprint efficient attraction that when positioned in the right spot will draw curiosity and people will want to give it a try. Another reason why we think VR is a great add-on to Altitude is that it’s a great item for those waiting in line for bowling and for younger demographics that want to try out something new.

Kyle Allison, owner of Andy’s Altitude 1291

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