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Altitude 1291
We installed Arkadia in Oklahoma City, at the brand new Family Entertainment Center, Altitude 1291.
TEEG Installations
Arkadia was installed in two Family Entertainment Centers in Australia - Kingpin Crown and Timezone Surfers
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Frequently Asked Questions
What technical/space requirements are needed to install Arkadia in my center?
6 Player Arena: 14.8 x 18.8 ft + 8.7 ft height / 4.5x5.75 m + 2.70 m height

4 Player Arena: 14.8 x 14.8 ft + 8.7 ft height / 4.5 x4.5 m + 2.70 m height

Other than the space requirements Arkadia also needs a hardwired internet connection and 2 power outlets of 16A each. Very important, the install site should be free of reflective surfaces like: windows, mirrors, TV displays etc. These reflective surfaces may interfere with our sensors and cause glitches.
What kind of ROI can I get from Arkadia?
Arkadia can bring you ROI in 4 - 6 months, depending on the traffic that you have at your center.
How often do you release new games?
Our aim is to develop 3 new games every year. This depends a lot on each game, on its complexity level and its features. If we feel that a game has a lot of potential, we will work longer on developing that game – making it better, rather than finishing things quickly and moving to the next project. In any case, no less than 2 games per year, but hopefully 3.
How many operators does Arkadia need?
Arkadia is so easy to manage that it only requires one attendant. It also has a user-friendly interface and a simple to operate control software.
As an exclusive distributor, Amusement Products is responsible for consultancy, installation and technical support for Arkadia. With over 58 years of designing, manufacturing, and supplying spectacular attractions for parks and FEC’s in North America, they stay connected to all of our customers, making sure they’re getting the best experience.
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