Arkadia 6 Player VR Arena Installed at Fun Jungle Park in Peru

Arkadia 6-Player VR Arena was recently installed at one of Fun Jungle’s Parks in Peru. The fun and immersive VR attraction has found its home at the Fun Jungle’s newest location – Jockey Club, adding a unique immersive twist to the already exciting mix of attractions!


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Fun Jungle Park - Jockey Club: An Unforgettable Experience

Fun Jungle Park is all about redefining entertainment and giving guests a whole new level of fun! They believe in creating experiences that are not just fun, but “FUNTASTIC” and leave a lasting impact on every guest.

Attraction Mix

When you step into Fun Jungle Park at Jockey Club, the first thing you see is the diverse mix of attractions they have in store for their guests. Imagine over 30 games for the Inflatable Park, where players can bounce, slide, and challenge themselves! It’s a non-stop thrill that has guests smiling from ear to ear!

But that’s not all. Fun Jungle Park takes entertainment to the next level with their immersive attractions. The 6-Player Arkadia VR Arena has recently been added to their attraction mix!


Arkadia VR Arena: An Immersive Attraction in Fun Jungle's Attractions

Adding to the diverse mix of attractions at Fun Jungle, the Arkadia 6-Player VR Arena takes entertainment to new heights. With group fun and interactive gameplay, virtual reality brings a whole new dimension of excitement to the park.



The games are thrilling, engaging, and super easy to learn. So they’re perfect for a wide demographic: kids, parents, or even grandparents, everyone can jump right in and have a blast. 


No More Waiting with Arkadia's Multiple Game Sessions

One of the standout features of Arkadia VR Arena is the ability to host two separate groups playing different virtual reality games simultaneously. Say goodbye to long wait times! This unique capability allows more guests to enjoy the VR games, maximizing the fun for everyone – guests can dive into the games without any delay, adding to the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of their visit!


Exclusive VR Games

From competitive player vs. player experiences to cooperative adventures, our diverse game library caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring every guest finds their perfect match for their perfect day out! Every guest and group is unique, with their own preferences and interests. That’s why the game library is diverse to ensure there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a competitive spirit or a team player, Arkadia’s got the VR game for you.

Download Arkadia VR Arena Brochure!

If you want to learn more about the 6-Player VR Attraction, check out the product presentation!

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