Arkadia VR Arena – 2 VR Game Sessions at The Same Time!

We looked at our current customer’s data and we understood that sometimes when people are visiting an entertainment venue they can come in smaller groups and if they decide to play VR, operators can lose business by keeping the VR Arena occupied only by half.

Arkadia VR Arena

Arkadia VR Arena has introduced a new feature, that benefits all clients – Multi-Game Sessions at the same time!


How does the new VR Arena feature works?

Let’s say you have the 6-Player Arkadia VR Arena in your center and you have a couple that wants to play one VR game and a group of 3 friends that want to play another one, you can now have them play at the same time! This means that people won’t have to wait in line and you are maximizing the revenue and increasing throughput!


How does it help operators?

Not losing customers

Not keeping your customers waiting

Increase the Throughput rate even more

Maximize the 6 Player Value!

Watch the demo below to see how Arkadia VR Arena’s new update works!


Learn more about Multi-Game Sessions VR Arena!

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