2 Main Elements that Define a Good VR Attraction

There is a lot of talk regarding VR, if it’s a solid attraction or a passing trend, if it’s profitable or not, if it’s easy to operate, and so on. Since we’ve been in the industry, we’ve gathered a couple of information that are worth analyzing regarding VR Attractions.

VR Attraction
VR Attraction

We will tackle this subject based on 2 perspectives, as they are linked together, and they all contribute to a successful or a failed investment. First, we have the Content Part – namely VR games, and the Management Part – the do’s and don’ts of operating a VR System at your location.


In VR Content is King

When you put the VR headset on, you are entering another world, you are going on an adventure, or joining a competition. Don’t you want your experience to be entertaining? Don’t you want that world to look good, to be immersive? If you have bad content in VR is like trying to play bowling on a broken down lane.

Developing VR experiences that are high-end is the key when it comes to Location Based  VR. The games have to be appealing to the public and profitable to location owners.


What makes a VR game stand out?

High-quality graphics

High-quality graphics make the games more appealing to your audience, they increase the immersion factor, and they give the game a much better overall feel.

Engaging and dynamic gameplay

A great game has to involve players, to make them believe they are part of that scenario, to give them something interesting to do. Moreover, team based games are much more engaging than the ones that are player versus environment. Why? Well, it’s all about interaction, of people enjoying time with their close group (especially during these times).

High-replay value

An extremely valuable trait for location-based VR games is replay value. If the games are good enough, people will play them again and again, and they will tell others. From our experience, PvP competitive games have the biggest replay value.

Specific game time

Game duration is also an important factor that influences throughput and revenue. For example, Arkadia’s games have about 5 minutes of game time, but they are very intense and very absorbing. Customers love it, and owners have a great throughput rate.

Appealing to a wide audience

Games should be appealing to a wide audience, or you should have a library of games fit for different audiences. For example, our games work amazing for both kids’ birthday parties and corporate events.


Placing the VR Arena Strategically is Key

VR Arenas have displays, thus a great attract mode, but if you don’t put it in plain view, or if you don’t advertise it well enough, that’s not going to be good for business. And sometimes people are shy to ask. If they don’t ask and you don’t tell them, your new arena it’s just going to sit there in the corner without customers.

When you first get a VR arena in your center, promote it like crazy! Use social media, newsletters, anything that you have at your disposal. Come up with special prices and package deals. Your goal is to grab people’s attention and to get the word of mouth going.

Virtual Reality is a great attraction with a huge novelty factor, but you can’t expect it to generate income on its own, without you and your staff promoting it. 

Do package deals, especially for birthday parties and corporate events, Virtual Reallity is amazing for events. Combine VR with other attractions and do special deals. Once in a while, discount the prices for the VR arena for the entire weekend.

If you have Player versus Player games in your library, organize a tournament. Invite clients in, give out a little prize for the winners – money, redemption tickets or gifts, whatever you want.

Virtual Reality is no longer a new attraction, it has a proven track record and it’s here to stay. VR systems can be very profitable for your business but there’s a couple of things you have to do:

Choose carefully what type of VR attraction you purchase so it meets your needs.

Make sure it uses reliable technology.

Make sure it’s easy to use and you have good tech support.

Make sure that it comes with high-quality VR games

Put in the work and promote your attraction.

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