Virtual Dressing - Innovative Product Showcase

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

At Inowize, we believe that information can be better imparted by combining innovative methods of communication with the latest tools and technologies.

Following this philosophy, we helped Graphite Software to better showcase their product at the 2017 Mobile World Conference.

Graphite's application integrates into the phone's operating system and creates, what they call "safe spaces". Basically, it establishes several custom profiles on a mobile phone, that can be used in different circumstances.

For example, if the "work space" profile is active, a user can access only the apps and contacts useful for his job. A "parent space" can be configured, so kids can only use certain apps and call a limited number of persons. Also, users can define mobile banking spaces, which have a higher level of online safety.

Graphite Software needed an easier and more attractive way to present their product. We assisted them by creating an augmented reality application, that helped explain their concept better.

We started by designing several virtual garments that represented different "safe spaces" like: employee, parent, private person and gamer.

First, visitors had to choose their gender and then we would explain the "safe space" concept by virtually dressing them like a parent, a gamer or in casual clothes. Every time someone tried on a different attire, we could take a picture of them. The photos were displayed on another screen and we could email or post them on Facebook.

Our application was a great help for Graphite in more ways than one. First of all, it drew in a lot of people to Graphite's stand. Secondly, it was a far more attractive way to present a product.

Using our augmented reality system, people understood better the idea behind "safe spaces" While visitors were trying on different virtual clothes, Graphite staff members had time to connect with them and explain how their application works. Furthermore, people received the photos we took as souvenirs, so they will have something to remind them about the product and their experience. Lastly, the pictures we send by e-mail, helped to create a database of potential customers.

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